My YAPC::EU Update

2 of 3 talks ( / days almost) done and I roll some ideas in my head what I do next weeks. I spoke with brian d foy (brought lot of insights on the state of perl docs) and damian (thanks for helping on my slides) and with lot of ather people. I heard about twin city workshop, which I try to attend (Turin and Frankfurt too).

When I come back to germany, next $foo needs 2 more article (recension and wxperltut9) and I have to think about the 4th part of the fm-perl.tutorial as well as about my "perl 6 data structure" i will give in Pisa and frankfurt. There I will give up to 4 talks (the "hgit" again - this time with enough time, writing docs, new lang ideas).

Brian reminded me that I owe him something for the new perl review but I will not let to grow this all over my head. Kephra rewrite is after all most important and yet another article will arrive real soon (tm).

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