A New Perl Tut Is Already Growing

Allright so there is a discussion in the community about the bitrot in Perl tutorials.
All the arguments I read here on this site, I told already at YAPC::EU in Riga and many other occasions. Its good if people are aware of problems. But I did not just talk. I write also a new one. And we are currently finishing part 4.

It will be (later version) named "learning programming with Perl". Its a bit of learning the basics but also learning good style (DRY, good variable names, strict, testing all the shebang but little by little and not all from the start). It also covers more than core Perl, reading configs, cgi/ microframeworks, network, the basice in all directions.

Yeah its still just in German bu you can help if you like also to translate it. I mean i recruited some parts of the german perlmongers for that job but you know how cats are.


I really liked the book "Elements of Programming with Perl". I wish that one was released to the web and/or updated to the latest Perl features.

I have pinged Manning a couple of times on it. I always get back "We will think about it".

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