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starting my twitter account

I think I want to use this account from now on to write more essay like pieces. Many of my posts here were just short reports of the existence of slides, talks, articles and other things. Maybe I will do comparing and reflecting summaries on such things, but for recent informations please subscribe my twitter channel. Some messages there might be German. Please don't mind.


the mental monitor box and the guys in the last row

On my "how much you can handle"-tour I gave my talk about Perl 6 array and hashes thrice. Third time masak and jnthn were in (the last row as any troublemaker in school) the audience and spottet some serious errors (I think it was an former rakudo bug). but its fixed and uploaded now. ( Arrays as in [] will not flattened inside a signature and so the number of elements in @_ on the last question in round 1 is…

A New Perl Tut Is Already Growing

Allright so there is a discussion in the community about the bitrot in Perl tutorials.

It will be (later version) named "learning programming with Perl". Its a bit of learning the basics but also learning good style (DRY, good variable names, strict, testing all the shebang but little by little and not all from the start). It also covers more tha…

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