Document Driven Development

Maybe the most ibnteresting talk I held this season was about this DDD. This is just a sneak preview since I give it once more in Vienna and my concept will be much better after it. Then i will publish here entirely.

I borrowed the term a bit from the django-guys, even Al Iho (the a in awk) tought 20 years ago this way. (thanks cromatic to bring this to my attention). it solves several issues documentation and test driven development face (if your honest). And I don't think it eats up any exra time. Maybe at the beginning a bit but it pays of hugely.

the basic ideas are 2:

1. write docs before the tests, than the code. this way you refelct more and hav your docs always complete, up to date and ready to ship.

2. rewriting docs is part of every refactoring

i think we should write a clean perl book. just for the fun of the title. i really lough at the less upright from c't magazine that apologize at the beginning of a perl tutorial that it isn't hip.

in other news: my tutorial lerning programming with perl is still in the making and needs evey (German) hand it gets.

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