the "how much you can handle?"-tour 2011

Yes lichtkind moves around the continent. Dates are 16-18 Aug in Riga, 8-9 Okt Turin, 19-21 Okt Frankfurt and 4-5 Nov in Vienna and Bratislava. Which stands out for me is that I will have given then at least 11 talks (4 different) + 3 lighting (always the same) spanning 5 1/4 hours. I really wanted know where are my limits and how far my skills in talk preparation go.

And as a surprise I found, start very early with you preparation. I mean by that that you can still hack together your slides or storyline quickly together. that is fine. But start you research, your search for sources, quotes and knowledge very early. that doesn't work well under time preassure. As soon you found something worthwhile, write it down. Organize your knowledge: loosely but searchable. having something so say that fits the situation with the attendees and recent discussion is the most important thing i believe. you have to live with the topic for a time and see it from different angles. talk with people about it. no matter how good you are, theres always something to learn even its just what others interests about that subject.

btw, same is true about writing docs, but wait, ... that is the content of one of the talks. later ... :)

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