It was a good YAPC although I already knew FFM and their slightly musty University, so it lacked the excitement of a new unknown place. But I guess its part of the joy to meet the class of Perl again, greet domm here, say hai to karen there and so on.

Highlight was to me Stevan Littles presentation (no keynote was utterly important), even if I extracted the crucial infos before. I was especially sceptical to declare one line to get the getter/setter like in Moo/s/e. But combined getter/setter are not always right, you might follow the damian or even (god forbid) your own taste. So to declare that and not deliver that part by default seems to be very perlish and sane. And I got the impression that there is not much uprise against it and that and that it might even arrive in 5.18.

Oh and there were so many familiar faces can't name them all because most i don't know by name. But I like to see them anyway. And I'm glad to know now how O'Rear and fglock are looking. But doing "buisness" is also important. Sync ideas with TPF people and other leads. Ask dancer guys for help for the upcoming parts of my perl tut which should also cover some web development (mojo will be covered as well). I spoke with my next grant manager about tablets and with my nominal part time boss renee about future $foo articles. Even spoke with gabor because i plan to make recension about his stuff in mid 2013. I spoke with a guy met in Riga before about translating my perltut from freiesmagazin into Czech. I had also conversations about the state of the perldoc translation into German, which is in a rather poor and outdated state and not as shiny as Spanish. The most fun I had speaking not about Perl and I'm not sorry about that. And btw. sleeping sacks are wonderful.

The most fun talk was not mst's but mäsaks "joy of breaking stuff". Not that I learned that much but his combination of open and childlike fun and an scholarly attitude is something what I want to incorporate more too. State of the parrot threads was to me very interesting and useful for the upcming perl 6 update in winter 2013. I also sat in the last rows with Larry to listen about 3 state logic and flip-flap-flop hardware.

And of course there were my own talks. I had a lightning about the progress toward my GUI DSL called GCL. I planned to speak about examples how certain data structures get translated into GUI hierarchy but because it was a more or less free speech I brought more attention to the concepts. That was on day 1 were I also heard that there is now a free slot. Which I took of course. After recognizing that my Perl 5 quiz was nor online not on my laptop I squeezed my 40 min Perl 6 Regex talk into 20 min. I had to write most slides again but the result was not that bad. Larry helped as backup in the first row anyway. Afterwards my understanding about regex quantifier modifier was much sharper. i edited the slides life during talk and polished them afterwards too. their online now on my new site.

After it there was mst's key note. Like in the first half of the initial keynote from Mr. wall it was more of the social aspects. It left the good feeling that were on a good path but much is left to do. After that max maischein dropped the statistics of the conference and we could see all the busy and great helpers which got their well deserved thundering applause. And suddenly all was over. Look like I will ride next year to Kiew.

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