WxTut is complete, whats next from you?

In the next Perl Magazine will come the 12th and last part of my big WxPerl tutorial. To me its almost like my teenage child is now out of the house (brain). You might complain: "but its German, I can't read that". Don't worry the resulting book will be in English. But this post is really about something different, but related, in fact about coming English articles: written by You.

Because Renee Bäcker, chief editor of $foo Perl Magazine and 2012 white camel award winner is preparing a new Perl Magazin (Perl Mag?). (since TPJ, Perl Review and Perl Month are in hiatus and Perl'fection is no proper substitution - we need some journal with some more in depth Perl topics that linux journal, LWN or heise can provide) It was announced at YAPC::EU by himself where he also said: please send articles. And I really want you to encourage you to do it too. When prepared properly and in time it is a lot of fun. And it will increase your skill set. And you will learn much more about Perly topics.

Don't worry about mistakes my articles are far from being perfect and so are cromatics, randals and so forth. its like giving talks. you start at perl mongers meeting and it sucked badly. but it was a bit fun too so you did another and you got better. I think its not only important to have a CPAN where also a lot of docs are hosted. But we need also scholarly culture were things are discussed which go beyond blog posts, even if there are sometimes of nearly mag quality.

In a magazine are already filtered topics (read almost only the currently important stuff) with a strive for excellence. That spurs other articles, more discussion on deeper level, some part may even move into docs, improve docs. Its the equivalent of a YAPC talk: more audience, more serious preparations and greater immediate impact and a different kind of fun than just talk to your 5-25 pals at the mongers. And you reach a different audience for the overall benefit of Perl. I already know some of my readers who don't track the blogs and don't go to conferences but read the $foo. Plus printed paper is a form factor that some people enjoy most.

so please consider to write about what your best in or care most about and if you have some problems or questions - please write me. Maybe I can help (I written now 53 technical articles and getting a glimpse how it's done).

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