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Why YACM (yet another color module) ?

At the recent YAPC::EU (still running) I gave a talk about my latest CPAN module: Graphics::Toolkit::Color (in short GTC - v1.53). It went a little out of hand and even worse: some of the key thoughts I did not formulate as clear as wanted. That is why I use this channel to correct that. In this first part I outline the goal of the module and the next part will be about the design principles of the public API, moving than into implementation details and the general issues when dealing with colors.

introducing Perl6::Math::Matrix (Part 1: Data)

At TPC in Glasgow I held two talks (slides and Video stored or linked on my domain as linked on conference site) about my module Perl6::Math::Matrix. To me the most interesting parts of this talk were musings about how to write a good API in and for Perl 6. And since I already got from the audience a lot of good suggestion(, which are all implemented by now [by the critic or me]), I will write here also a series of posts about this topic and maybe get some inspirations more.

Plan for perldoc 4.0

At TPC in Amsterdam I gave 2 lightning talks under the title perldoc -O. It was a questionary for the attendance which should give me some orientation which feature to prioritize or how to modify them best. I also spoke and mailed with all people I deemed relevant and want now to lay out the feature set I want to achieve with the rewrite.

programming from brain perspective

As I talked during YAPC::EU with fellow Perl 6 fanboy mäsak about his (GOTO considered awesome) and mine (Perl 6 operators) recent talk I just summarized something I said and something he said and its just one little thought you might find nice too: Because normally as programmers we see it as as best practice from engineering point and so called best practices to have small manageable units (blocks, sub's classes,) and link them together as loosely as possible.

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