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  • raiph commented on A dream realized

    Hi Fritz,

    > Corinna doesn't use the syntax proposed in Dios (and used in Raku).

    I wonder if it's closer than you think?

    First, the names of attributes (fields). Consider this Raku code:

      class Account {
        has $balance = 0;
        method deposit ($amount) {
          $balance += $amount;
      my $account =;
      say $account.deposit(5); # 5
      say $account.deposit(5); # 10

    In Raku, attributes declared `has $foo` are aliased to `$!foo`. (I could have written `$!balance` in the `deposit` method.)

    (I would be happy to …

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on A dream realized

    Personally, becuase package syntax is parsed by CPAN to get the package name, I want to respect the package syntax.

    My idea is

    package Foo is class {



    package Foo : class {


    How about this?

  • philip r brenan commented on A dream realized

    The opening comments argue that because some people have worked in this area for some time then their "authority" is enough to make the claim that Corinna is valuable. But this is a well known fallacy:

    If these people have genuine authority gained from years of hard experience in this field then they will be able to tell us in a few cogent words why Corinna is so much better than Moose and all the other OO systems available on CPAN. They will be able to…

  • Damian Conway commented on A dream realized

    I'm a little confused, Philip. You ask me to rewrite the article so that you can "know the compelling reasons why Corinna is so good"...but the article already contains at least six of those:

  • More concise syntax (therefore more readable)
  • More declarative syntax (therefore less boilerplate implementation code required)
  • Less prone to bugs (because more concise and more declarative)
  • Better performance for most method calls
  • Compile-time checking for at least one common type of error
  • Built right into the language, so no need to rely on external modules …
  • Oodler 577 commented on A dream realized

    You're expending some hard won social credit on this endorsement of this latest attempt at POOP. For the sake of Perl, I hope you are hitching yourself to the correct attempt and not in some vain attempt to lend credit to the claim that, "POOP is not the problem, it's just never been implemented properly". Sounds like a familiar claim.

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