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  • Aristotle commented on A (not so) simple matter of privacy
    I would expect the following code to work:

    Well, yes, obviously, a closure is a different kind of situation. The question would be what happens in a named sub declared inside a method – where I would expect the exact same behaviour that the “variable will not stay shared” warning cautions against currently. And I would expect the use of a lexical sub to cure the problem, the same way it currently does for regular subs.

  • Toby Inkster commented on A (not so) simple matter of privacy
    method $do_internal () {

    has been supported by Zydeco for over a year. documentation.

  • Mithaldu commented on Introducing MooseX::Extended

    That didn't quite seem to answer what i asked. Specifically "param/field prevents poor software" is not a concrete gained feature that i can understand as is. I've also reached out to mst to see if he can maybe explain the question better.

    Regarding rw/ro/bare ... that part i do agree with and in fact, already wrote a solution to that covers both Moo and Moose (being that Moo auto-upgrades to Moose if loaded):

    (In fact, between the features provided by Moo, and what Mu adds on top, i'm not even sure what si…

  • Matthew Persico commented on Casting Perls before Splines

    What were you drinking when you wrote this...

    and can I have some? :-)

  • Saif commented on Casting Perls before Splines

    Great to see two greats of the Perl world appreciating my distorted perspectives. If only Mrs Saif would...

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