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  • Kyouto Naomoto commented on Thinking and Question of The Proposal for Perl 7 - day1

    And it's not truth. I don't know how "at least" is this,

    Most of job about Perl is to maintnain the code or add functions. People didn't need to talk about Perl, because of its stability. "reputation" had never even been appeared in positive or negative. Many famous Japanese Perl Mongers had seemed to begin to learn other technology. Their activity about Perl had been getting lesser and lesser. I think, it is same as London which Dave wrote.

    I believe aggressive…

  • Paul "LeoNerd" Evans commented on Perl 7: A Risk-Benefit Analysis

    A huge +1 to all of this. Thank you for articulating it so coherently. I am in entire agreement with this whole idea.

  • Dean commented on Perl 7: A Risk-Benefit Analysis

    Why not introduce a warning if 'use warnings' is enabled and there is no 'use vXXXX'

    Thats a soft way to encourage using a version number AND it generally wouldnt impact one liners

  • cae32 commented on Perl 7: A Risk-Benefit Analysis

    Всё так. perl тем и отличается от остальных, что хранит совместимость с килограммами написанного кода. Что гласит старая мудрость? Работает - не трогай.

  • lowjoe commented on Alternatives to rand()

    Math::Random::MTwist is now only available from Backpan. It disappeared without any notice.

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