• Posted Visualizing the McNaugthon-Yamada-Glushkov Construction to Alex

    Once in a while I poke in my old Perl stuff to find something interesting. Luckily, this is usually the case.

    Today, I found a script that draws an annotated syntax tree of a regular expression. The annotation shows the state sets calculated when applying the McNaugthon-Yamada-Glushkov alg…

  • Commented on Making the Switch to Strawberry Perl
    Thank you for the thread, it sounds really good!...
  • Commented on Making the Switch to Strawberry Perl
    Changing the Perl distribution for me is like changing the OS because something works on the other one. It will work for one thing, but you will miss out the other. To re-use your "I'm not a Win fan but...
  • Commented on How does <email> work?
    I tried to connect metacpan with my CPAN account but I never got the confirmation e-mail from metacpan. Maybe the SPAM filter is the cause, here, too. Other mails work, like notifications on module update....
  • Commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini
    Here it is: Comments and patches welcome....
  • Commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini
    It will be on GitHub soon :)...
  • Commented on Introducing IOD file format
    Is there a writer too or is it just another configuration file Format library that only supports reading and leaves the user alone who might want to store configuration changes in files?...
  • Posted A GUI for CPAN::Mini to Alex

    After having read yet another tutorial about CPAN::Mini, I once again had the same thoughts:

    • CPAN::Mini is so cool
    • Imagine the use together with CPAN::Mini::Inject and Stratopan!
    • Damn, a configuration file. Where to put it? How do I find it again a month later when …
  • Posted Does anybody know Matthias Nutt? to Alex

    Once in a while, I search the web for Perl/Tk. I'm always happy to find some old jewels. This time, it was keen little rabbit ears, which is a simple ear training program for Linux and Windows. It has a Perl/Tk GUI and comes with good installation instructions.

    You can find it her…

  • Commented on Between Learning and Doing
    If you needed to compile something that you want to sell, why not use the Perl Dev Kit from ActiveState? Press a button and get a binary exe file (or cross-compile it for whatever platform you need it). I think...
  • Commented on A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II
    Backed! Hopefully they make a better video soon. Ideally, you try to make people feel to support something important....
  • Commented on Automatic variable highlighting in vim
    Komodo IDE from ActiveState does this too. I consider it extremely useful. I guess Komodo Edit (the free variant of Komodo IDE) can do this too....
  • Commented on Where Have You Gone
    It's nice to see it back online. With a front page entry from 24th September 2013 and the last News from 22nd September 2011......
  • Commented on Perl and Windows UAC
    Hi! What about Win32::IsAdminUser() to check for elevated privileges? The docs say: Returns non zero if the account in whose security context the current process/thread is running belongs to the local group of Administrators in the built-in system domain; returns...
  • Posted Counting to Alex

    Did you know that there is a short sound played when you install Win32::MultiMedia::Joystick?

    I knew the song, but I had to search a bit. Interestingly, I even had to search the module itself on metacpan ( doesn't provide it as search result). While searching for the song, …

  • Commented on Automating POD previewing
    I usually use Tk::Pod for this when I write a module. It also gives me warnings if the POD is incorrect....
  • Posted Games in Perl/Tk to Alex


    I found an old Tetris-like game on backpan:

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  • perlancar commented on Introducing IOD file format

    I have. I guess TOML is okay for configuration format too, although it diverges quite a bit from INI. My goal with IOD is to be compatible enough with INI, to be interchangeble enough. Also, I'm not seeing a TOML round-trip parser yet, something which I intend to create for IOD.

  • KENTNL commented on Introducing IOD file format

    > In IOD you can also use this syntax:
    > [section]
    > fruits = ["apple","orange","avocado"]

    But does this not simply re-expose the problem tinita was complaining about?

    It forces the consuming code to determine on a case-by-case basis whether it supports an array, and subsequently requires a lot of boiler plate code to automatically switch between single, and multiple values.

  • Toby Inkster commented on Introducing IOD file format

    It doesn't seem quite the same. In a traditional INI file:


    "bar" is an array, but is "foo" a simple string, or is it an array with just one element? The INI parser will probably treat it as a simple string. If the application wants "foo" to be an array, it needs to include code to "promote" a string into a one-element array.

    With IOD, there is at least a way when writing the config file to unambiguously say "this is an array, even if it's only got one element at the moment".

  • Ron Savage commented on How does <email> work?

    I believe I get exactly the msgs I expect.

  • commented on Making the Switch to Strawberry Perl

    Alex, you are referring to ActiveState's PerlApp tool which is great. However it can also work with any statically linked perl binary, so you can use it with your own custom compiled Strawberry Perl distribution.

    One other tool you can use is Cava Packager with any distribution you use on Windows/MacOSX/Linux, however it may or not work with recent Perl versions.

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