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  • Reini Urban commented on Analysing CPAN Testers' Reports

    45 minutes via webscraping? My script gets the reports in 2 minutes, with some yaml caching, and files it under t/reports/$version

  • E. Choroba commented on Analysing CPAN Testers' Reports

    Did you notice the sleep line?

  • E. Choroba commented on Analysing CPAN Testers' Reports

    Yes, after adding meta:perl to the mix, I'm getting the results I needed. Thanks.

  • Aristotle commented on QA Hackathon 2015 (Berlin)

    Please don’t use Module::CoreList::TieHashDelta… for anything. It is a terrible design with terrible performance.

    You will not get much code reuse out of Perl::ReleaseInfo (that’s what I named the new module). That is on purpose, to avoid exposing the internal storage format, so that in the future we will be able to avoid having to wrap variables with ties in order to extend the module. With no internal interfaces, there is nothing you can reuse directly.

    But you are absolutely welcome to copy-paste and tweak the design to your needs, of course. You will probably want t…

  • brian d foy commented on A quick static file webserver

    The render_static was deprecated in the middle of the Mojolicious 5 evolution and is now reply->static:

    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use Mojolicious::Lite;
    use Cwd;
    app->static->paths->[0] = getcwd;
    any '/' => sub {
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