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  • Steve Bertrand commented on CPAN Testers RULE!

    +100. I completely concur. Even though I do CI on all of my modules, it can't compare to the CPAN Testers, especially those like Slaven who go out of their way to investigate the problem and send personal emails regarding them.

    Thanks to all involved!

  • preaction commented on CPAN Testers RULE!

    Slaven's the real MVP here: Sending in reports is great, and thanks to everyone who does that (see the leaderboard here:, but taking the time to follow up on reports, track down root causes, and submit issue reports to the appropriate issue tracker is nothing short of heroic.

    A lot goes in to running a tester, and CPAN would not be the amazing and stable library of Perl code without them.

  • Tom Wyant commented on CPAN Testers RULE!

    Emphatically yes!. And Slaven has just done it for me again, in RT 118910, in which I was too casual about the placement of a helper routine, forgetting that it was called (indirectly) in a use constant.

  • Neil Bowers commented on CPAN Testers RULE!

    I bet a pretty significant percentage of CPAN authors have reason to thank Slaven. The White Camel awards should be coming up soon, and hopefully Slaven will get one this year!

  • Tom Wyant commented on CPAN Testers RULE!

    Second the motion.

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