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  • Commented on Item Design in MMORPGs
    JT: does this mean you might find yourself having a use for this in the future? (i.e., another game?)...
  • Posted Item Design in MMORPGs to Ovid

    Still hard at work hacking on Veure (the image to the right is a freighter, by the way). I tend to get up early in…

  • Commented on Quickly Check for Database Design Flaws
    Roland, thanks for your feedback. In this case I would suggest that you're overthinking the problem. The "directions" field is a perfect example of the sort of unstructured data that is difficult to decompose in a regular manner and thus...
  • Commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl
    moritz: I used to play Lacuna Expanse quite a bit. The only downside I really found is the pollution. You could go on holiday for a week and come back, only to discover that everything you built had been destroyed...
  • Posted Quickly Check for Database Design Flaws to Ovid

    Don't you just hate it? You've finished reading, again, that blog entry about database design and you're feeling that you can design something reasonable, and then you see this…

  • Commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl
    Matt, it's so radically different from what I'm trying to do that it doesn't fit my needs. One thing which has been hammered home repeatedly in reading about adventure/text game creation is that you can use systems that provide you...
  • Commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl
    That, Toby, was hilarious :) It's also ironic in that it's a module which caused some to doubt my coding ability!...
  • Commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl
    JR: Thanks for your comments. I actually do have the minimum MVP defined in the private git repo. It's broken down into ALPHA, BETA, and Launch. I've been deleting items from it when I can, adding items when I must,...
  • Posted Creating an MMORPG in Perl to Ovid

    Question: do you want to hear more about my attempts to create an MMORPG in Perl, even if posts are not Perl-related? Also, are you interested in helping me develop its ideas further?

    As many of you know, I'm trying to create an MMORPG running on Perl. It's codenamed ="http…

  • Posted Finding unused variables in your Template stash to Ovid

    Quite often companies who use Catalyst (with Template Toolkit) find that after a while, they're over relying on the use of the stash as a global dumping ground. To deal with that, I wrote a highly experimental module to print out unused template variables.

  • Posted Procedural Quest Generation in Perl to Ovid

    Yes, it's another post about Veure (whose actual name we might finally have chosen, but that's another story), the MMORPG that I've been writing.

    There are 117 stars in a 20 light year radius around Sol. There are 544 space st…

  • Posted Making git bisect more useful to Ovid

    If you've ever used git bisect, you know what an incredibly useful tool this is. It allows you to do a binary search through commits to find out which commit caused a particular error. Many people seem unaware of git bisect run ...

  • Commented on mop problem 5 - Role and C3 searching is not always necessary
    Roles are not multiple inheritance at all. In multiple inheritance, you're overloading class responsibility with code reuse and you introduce ordering problems (which C3 mitigates but does not solve). Roles leave responsibility to the classes, but handle the code reuse....
  • Commented on "Functional core & Imperative shell" : OO design, and isolated tests without mocks
    Also, I should point out that while your title says "without mocks", aren't "test doubles" just the same thing? I guess I should watch that presentation now :)...
  • Commented on "Functional core & Imperative shell" : OO design, and isolated tests without mocks
    Other than an unreliable external service, why mock anything up? One argument I hear is "speed", but I'd rather have my tests correct than fast. Another argument I hear is "unit testing", but that's only because some people have an...
  • Posted Sick of being mocked by unit tests to Ovid

    Back in 2002, the company I worked for had a valuable client with a terrible problem: seems the developer of their POS (point of sale, or "cash register") system sent them a bill for their license: five year's worth. The company disputed the bill and the developer informed them that their POS…

  • Commented on Gittip and companies?
    I find it amusing that I just blogged about this and it's showing up immediately below your post on the front page :) Seriously people: ask your company to consider $1 a week. Many companies would be happy to give...
  • Posted Nestoria's Module of the Month to Ovid

    Now this is an idea that I wish more companies would get behind.

    Nestoria is a property search engine based in London, but covering several countries (I use them here in France). They're really slick, growing nicely, and ="http://blo…

  • Posted Automatic variable highlighting in vim to Ovid

    After viewing an interesting post in Reddit about programming in color (syntax highlighting that focuses on data flow instead of syntax), I saw that one user had developed

  • Commented on Views in DBIx::Class
    James, it's not possible to enforce completely, but for general purposes, it's an important part of the mechanics. Anyone who wants to, um, game the game will be unstoppable. However, there are a number of other facets to the "delayed...
  • Posted Using Perl on Red Hat's OpenShift Cloud to Ovid

    Are you a lone Web developer who has a great idea for an app but you're intimidated by the idea of getting a Web server, maintaining the OS, installing the database, handling DNS, keeping up to date with security patches and so on? Instead, you can try a Platform as a Service (PaaS) system and…

  • Posted Testing Lies Video to Ovid

    I was recently at the 2014 German Perl Workshop and I've written about it at our company blog.

  • Commented on Views in DBIx::Class
    James, take a look at that query again. I don't think it's that easy to create a view for, though a function might be appropriate (note that the bind parameters impact some moderately complex boolean logic that can't be represented...
  • Commented on Views in DBIx::Class
    JT, I do agree, but for now, I've very much focused on "make it work, then make it fast." If I have the right layer of abstraction in my code, I should be able to swap out back-end implementations for...
  • Posted Views in DBIx::Class to Ovid

    Did you know you can write a view in DBIx::Class? The DBIx::Class::ResultSource::View module makes this very easy and it's helped me solve a very thorny…

  • Posted Perl-Operated Boy to Ovid

    And now for something completely different.

  • Posted The Hidden Benefit of Data-Driven Programming to Ovid

    Often we hear people talk about making your programming more "data-driven". When you can convert procedural code to a data structure (generally with a small procedural driver), instead of replicating procedural code, you just add another entry to your data structure. This is great with dispatch…

  • Commented on Why Companies Turn Me Down For Contracts
    Hi None. That's a good point. Institutional knowledge is extremely valuable which is why many companies, even if they hire contractors, want long-term employees too. That being said, many times when I'm approached it's by companies either not having the...
  • Posted Why Companies Turn Me Down For Contracts to Ovid

    My current contract is lovely. I'm having a lot of fun and the environment is awesome. However, it's a short contract. I took it, in part, because it was a problem space I wanted to do more work in. Because it's a short contract I'm already working on negotiating my next contract (a perpetual…

  • Commented on Custom DBIx::Class ResultSets
    Thanks, JT. I should have mentioned that it's also great for helping to prevent dbic specific code from leaking into my controllers. By keeping dbic out of the controllers, I can later replace "slow" bits of a code with hand-rolled...
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  • mascip commented on "Functional core & Imperative shell" : OO design, and isolated tests without mocks

    Good point Samuel! Agreed.

    I think what people throw out at the moment, is mocking as a default for isolated testing:

    mocking most relationships in your tests, for the sake of isolation, is just wrong.

    Especially as isolated testing can be done without mocking; it's a matter of design.

  • Stevan Little commented on mop problem 5 - Role and C3 searching is not always necessary

    C3 will not be part of the MOP, it is part of the core of Perl already, it will be possible for a user of the MOP to use C3 just as it is possible for a user to do that with regular Perl OO.

    Roles are not multiple inheritance and in the MOP will not be implemented with multiple inheritance. You should do some reading up on Roles and how they work, I fear you do not understand them well enough.

  • Manuel Ceron commented on On the relative readability of Perl and Python

    I’m a Python developer but I started coding Perl full time since a little bit more than a year. It’s true that Python has many quirks. That happens with any language that is more than 20 years old. But I think Perl probably has more quirks than Python.

    I think one reason why people think that Python is more readable is because it’s simpler. Both syntax and semantics are simpler. Less operators, less constructs, less ways of doing things. In practice this means that you can understand any Python code after an afternoon. While the same thing for Perl takes years.

  • Toby Inkster commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl

    "Nobody doubts my coding ability, but creating a compelling game? That's a different story entirely"

    I played Unknown::Values a bit last year, but didn't find it to be a very immersive experience.

  • moritz commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl

    Question: do you want to hear more about my attempts to create an MMORPG in Perl, even if posts are not Perl-related?

    Doesn't quite fit the "RPG" part, but it fits the "MMO" part: the backend is mostly Perl.

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