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  • Aristotle commented on Fake Amazon Book Reviews Are Hurting My Book

    Most of the links are dead or largely deleted now, so I cannot test this thing against them, unfortunately; in any case, I just saw Fakespot, which, if it does what it promises even reasonably well (namely, grade reviews by authenticity to help inform buyers), should be very useful.

    (This should not be read as an endorsement though: I’ve only seen the link but have not had a chance to test the thing. I thought the links from this post could be a useful proving ground – alas. (But good on Amazon, I guess?) …

  • JT Smith commented on Seeing the SQL in DBIx::Class

    Thanks for the as_query recommendation Peter. I never knew that existed either. Saved me a lot of time today.

  • Dave Jacoby commented on Seeing the SQL in DBIx::Class

    I put this aside, because the important my-query-is-slow problem wasn't urgent.

    I don't think the ->as_query() comment was there when I did so.

    Glad I waited. Thanks, Peter.

  • Randal L. Schwartz commented on What is a "Senior Developer"?

    Are you able to move towards the goal at least in part by eliminating the risk that you might be wrong? If not, you have some learnin' to do.

  • Steve Dickinson commented on What is a "Senior Developer"?

    Very good write up about senior developers. While I agree with these points I would also add that an additional characteristic of a Sr. Dev is one of leadership. Typically, it's necessary for a Sr. Dev to provide guidance and wisdom to other devs that may not be as experienced. This may involve being the team leader or simply mentoring others devs on the team.

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