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  • About: This is my JavaScript backend for Rakudo/NQP blog.
  • Posted Rakudo.js update - NFG / unicode collation and role bug fixes to Paweł Murias

    Rakudo.js update - NFG, unicode collation and more bugfixes

    Rakudo.js has been in bugfixing mode recently.

    Rakudo.js now uses NFG (Normal Grapheme Form) semantics in some places.
    This means some string operations treat strings as sequences of graphemes instead of unicode code…

  • Posted Rakudo.js update - more test fixes and NativeCalls works a little to Paweł Murias

    Rakudo.js now passes 74.91% of roast test (84% of the subset specified in the grant)
    For example :i and :m modifiers in regexes now work a lot better and I have added dynamic quantifiers in regexes like …

  • Posted Rakudo.js update - passes 64.65% roast test to Paweł Murias

    Recently I have been working mostly on fixing bugs and making rakudo.js pass more roast tests.

  • Posted Rakudo.js update - passes 56%+ of roast tests to Paweł Murias

    Rakudo.js now passes roughly of 56%+ roast test files.
    Getting some of them to work is requiring fairly deep changes.
    For example native values need to be passed specially and maybe boxed in the called sub/method rather than…

  • Posted Rakudo.js update - builds sanely and passes some spec tests to Paweł Murias

    Rakudo.js now should build in much more sane manner and passes some tests.

    In directory containing a checkout of the js branch of rakudo

    Once you grab a node.js (tested with 7.10.0)

    $ git clone rakudo-js-fresh
    $ git checkout…

  • Posted Rakudo.js update - we passed a first roast test to Paweł Murias

    After spending a long time chasing a bunch of bugs (a lot of ones that boiled to a few lines of code had really weird consequences that needed to be painstakingly chased down) and implementing some missing parts I finally got Test.pm6 to compile and load.

  • Posted say "Hello World" works with the full setting. to Paweł Murias

    Finally got the full setting to compile and load and 'say "Hello World"' works.
    I'll write a bigger update once everything is cleaned up and commited.

  • Posted Rakudo.js update to Paweł Murias

    I have added support for uncached methods (ones that are looked up dynamically by find_method on the metaclass instance rather then set by

  • Posted Short Rakudo.js update to Paweł Murias

    Rakudo.js managed to parse (including running BEGIN blocks) all of the setting with an exception of one line that requires figuring out/measuring how to support uncached methods efficiently. (uncached methods are ones where we let the HOW handle the method call by running arbitrary code rather…

  • Posted Update on rakudo.js to Paweł Murias

    Current State

    rakudo.js (Rakudo compiled to JavaScript) compiles 70% of the core setting.
    I'm working on getting it to compile the whole setting.
    The setting executes a bunch of code at compile time (it has BEGIN blocks, constant declarators etc.) so the code t…

  • Posted Nqp-js update. to Paweł Murias

    nqp-js/rakudo.js is now targeting ECMAScript 6

    Scott McWhirter helped a ton with the transitions (as well as with some general cleanup).
    Most of the modern browsers now support ECMAScript 6 so I feel it makes sense to target it.
    When targeting old ones that don't we can use pol…

  • Posted Adding profiling support to nqp-js to Paweł Murias

    Currently the focus of the work on the js backend is on making nqp-js emit code that runs at a reasonable speed (so that compiling Rakudo and its setting doesn't take eons and I can iterate on it more easily).

    The js profile…

  • Posted Working on getting the Perl 6 setting to compile. to Paweł Murias

    Currently rakudo.js is at the point where:
    works but node rakudo.js -e 'say "Hello World"' doesn't.

    What's needed for the later is to get rakud…

  • Posted Optimizing nqp-js-on-js to make it fast enough to compile Rakudo to Paweł Murias

    Having failed to find a working profiler on npm I ended up webpacking nqp-js-on-js and profiling it directly in Chrome.
    I implemented them.
    The second big slowdown was actually the slurp() function.
    MoarVM d…

  • Posted Short summary of the current state of the rakudo-js grant to Paweł Murias

    nqp-js-on-js (NQP compiled to JavaScript and running on node.js) passes it's test suit (almost, there is a bug with how regexes compiled at runtime capture stuff which I haven't yet figured out).

  • Posted What should Rakudo-js aim for first? to Paweł Murias
    I'm considering applying for a TPF grant to allow me to fully focus on working on getting Rakudo to target JS. To focus the grant application (and pin down the deliverables) I need to choose a use case for rakudo-js to focus on. Possible ones (ideas for new ones are appreciated).
    • running…
  • Posted Compiling QAST fragments to js from nqp-js to Paweł Murias

    The nqp-js backend works when compiled to javascript.

    # save this as hello-world.nqp
    use QAST::Compiler;
    my $sc := nqp::createsc('TEST_SC');
    nqp::scsetdesc($sc, "description");
    my $qast :=
  • Posted First inchstone. to Paweł Murias

    I have started hacking on my GSoC project to create a JavaScript backend for NQP (a Perl 6 dialect), which will be grown into a full one for Rakudo in the future.

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