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  • ispyhumanfly commented on Post #1

    Hi Davs, good luck! Perl is a wonderful language with a rich community. I wish you well on your adventures.

  • Toby Inkster commented on mop problem 1 - mop can't have protected attribute variable

    I agree that accessors should only be created for the public interface. I think perhaps where we differ is that I think subclasses should only use their parent's public interface!

  • Stevan Little commented on mop problem 3 - class, extends, and method keyword should be independent from mop

    The current prototype (#3) is separating the syntax and the mop itself.

    Also, we dropped the inside-out thing, now it is going to be an opaque C pointer.

  • Stevan Little commented on mop minus proposal


    You might be interested to know that I am now working on YAMP (Yet Another Mop Prototype) (I really should do something to link all the prototypes, perhaps merge up all the separate git repos into a single repo with branches for each prototype, hmm, anyway, that is for later). At the moment it is in the VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY early stages, so please be careful to not infer too much about what the final version might look like or how it might behave.

    As for mop::minus, I totally agree with you, th…

  • commented on Using Minion with a REST API

    When you want to change the semantics of a resource, its type changes, so coin a new link relation for it. You can link to resources of both old and new type for a transitional period in parallel, and mark the old one as deprecated. You do so by amending the document a client gets when dereferencing a link relation URI. HAL even has built-in deprecation support on the link itself.

    When appropriate, you can employ redirects with 301 or 303, it depends on the concrete semantics of a resource, e.g. whether it's backward compatible. When you notice in your logs that most clients do not f…

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