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  • Mohammad S Anwar commented on Pull Request - Mission Accomplished

    Thanks Yuki-san for accepting my PR and encouragement.

  • Saif commented on Simplify Subroutine Signatures

    I think it is great idea idea. Though I would have suggested extending the existing module, rather than forking Perl ;). The issue, I guess, always is that one doesn't want many conflicting incompatible branches.

  • Grinnz commented on Installing sets of modules

    The biggest problem is that its main feature, that a specific version of it is bundled with the distribution to install it, means that it is impossible to update all of the bundled versions to cope with new installation requirements, such as the removal of . from @INC. Newer tools solve this by keeping the complex author tools only on the authoring side, and generating installation files that use simpler installers to ship to CPAN, which the user can keep up to date in their own Perl install.

  • byterock commented on The way to create Class with only Perl core language.

    This was standard early way to do things from many years ago. 1980~90s. Now days we would call it Old Shcool.

    I have had to do above in so called closed systems some time ago even wrote a module(Orignal) to help me out is such situations.

    If I had to work on such a closed system today with and it had up to date perl I would go with Class::Struct as that is part of core

  • Toby Inkster commented on The way to create Class with only Perl core language.

    Hmm, looks like you're right. I thought this worked reliably.

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