• Posted Does anybody know Matthias Nutt? to Alex

    Once in a while, I search the web for Perl/Tk. I'm always happy to find some old jewels. This time, it was keen little rabbit ears, which is a simple ear training program for Linux and Windows. It has a Perl/Tk GUI and comes with good installation instructions.

    You can find it her…

  • Commented on Between Learning and Doing
    If you needed to compile something that you want to sell, why not use the Perl Dev Kit from ActiveState? Press a button and get a binary exe file (or cross-compile it for whatever platform you need it). I think...
  • Commented on A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II
    Backed! Hopefully they make a better video soon. Ideally, you try to make people feel to support something important....
  • Commented on Automatic variable highlighting in vim
    Komodo IDE from ActiveState does this too. I consider it extremely useful. I guess Komodo Edit (the free variant of Komodo IDE) can do this too....
  • Commented on Where Have You Gone
    It's nice to see it back online. With a front page entry from 24th September 2013 and the last News from 22nd September 2011......
  • Commented on Perl and Windows UAC
    Hi! What about Win32::IsAdminUser() to check for elevated privileges? The docs say: Returns non zero if the account in whose security context the current process/thread is running belongs to the local group of Administrators in the built-in system domain; returns...
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    Did you know that there is a short sound played when you install Win32::MultiMedia::Joystick?

    I knew the song, but I had to search a bit. Interestingly, I even had to search the module itself on metacpan ( doesn't provide it as search result). While searching for the song, …

  • Commented on Automating POD previewing
    I usually use Tk::Pod for this when I write a module. It also gives me warnings if the POD is incorrect....
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    I found an old Tetris-like game on backpan:

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  • scrottie commented on A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II

    Yeah, I'm not great at video. If you have any suggestions that are more specific, I'd love to hear it.

  • scrottie commented on A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II

    And thank you for backing!

  • jnareb commented on A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II

    Isn't Wordpress more of blog engine, like Perl Movable Type or its fork Melody?

  • Laufeyjarson commented on A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II

    Ironic isn't it that I'm running my blog, with many things Perly on it, in PHP isn't it?

    I think the improvement and release of the modernized v8 is a great idea, and hope you can get some traction on it.

    If money isn't forthcoming, would volunteers to help do the work help?

  • preaction commented on Between Learning and Doing

    If we intend to release the server app (if people want LAN play, or if we want to spread out game hosting a la TF2), that is the present plan. I only learned about PDK 8 days ago, though I've used perl2exe in the distant past and I've played around with Citrus Perl a bit (so this still is an option even if I'm cheap).

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