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  • john napiorkowski commented on

    To respond to the issue about why metacpan fans sometimes seem to disparage

    Although I know one mantra of Perl is 'there is more than one way..' and that in an ideal world the more the merrier, and let the best XXX win, etc. but the issue here is that those of us working on trying to improve Perl visibly beyond the community echo chamber, having two sites splits the SEO traffic and as a result tends to dilute the overall Perl rating. It would be ideal if one site got all the traffic because in this world people look at site traffic as a meter of health. Having two …

  • Ron Savage commented on

    Hi BooK

    I'd say lost major support when Randy Kobes died:

    Perhaps someone has taken over the work.

  • Ben Bullock commented on

    I like because it's much faster than Also some modules don't show up on, and it's often necessary to do "shift-reload" on to re-synch the pages.

  • Duncan commented on

    I think we're in danger of being insular here.

    People inside the echo chamber know about Metacpan and either use it in preference to or switch to it if, as is often the case at the moment, is down.

    People outside the echo chamber are less aware of Metacpan. If is down, they just take it as more evidence that Perl is d**ng.

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on

    A few reasons why I'm a MetaCPAN promoter:

  • still has the look of 1997 web sites. Just this can let people think that Perl is stuck there.
  • you can submit issues about MetaCPAN, they are public, and you get feedback. For s.c.o, you have to send an e-mail and I never got an answer. Anyway, I have abandonned a long time ago the usage of my e-mail inbox to track issue progress.
  • issues reported are quickly fixed
  • you can even directly report issues on IRC (#metacpan) and get immediate feedback and fixes
  • you can submit patches for Meta…
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