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  • Tom Wyant commented on CPAN Testers RULE!

    Emphatically yes!. And Slaven has just done it for me again, in RT 118910, in which I was too casual about the placement of a helper routine, forgetting that it was called (indirectly) in a use constant.

  • Neil Bowers commented on CPAN Testers RULE!

    I bet a pretty significant percentage of CPAN authors have reason to thank Slaven. The White Camel awards should be coming up soon, and hopefully Slaven will get one this year!

  • Tom Wyant commented on CPAN Testers RULE!

    Second the motion.

  • steffenw commented on Split a .pm into a .pod and a .pm

    At the begin of line: = followed by letter a-f, then it is pod. There are much more keywords then in your script. To increase compiletime write pod after __END__ compiler stops reading file at this label.

  • yanick commented on Split a .pm into a .pod and a .pm

    For giggles, there are two modules of mine that also deal with that kind of stuff:

    Test::Pod::Snippets -- which turn code in the SYNOPSIS, and potentially elsewhere in the documentation -- into tests.

    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CoalescePod -- merges related .pm and .pod files together when building the dist.

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