3 features I would like to see in Perl

A few days ago I read Features Perl 5 Needs in 2012 by chromatic and while I thought the ideas were nice the only one I really cared about was a replacement for XS. I have tried with XS and FFI to bring in new libraries and it is just so painful. Marcus believes that Perl garbage collection needs a serious overhaul and I agree. Improved gc in a language is one of those things that helps ease development pain, specifically scalability issues. Java is always improving its gc to better meet new performance requirements. Structured core exceptions is another improvement that would be very nice. This got me thinking what would I like to see in the next version of Perl. I have never contributed to Perl core, never written a Perl book, and I do not follow p5p or Perl6 development. I have looked a little at the Perl source but nothing serious. This makes me an outsider to Perl development so I have a different viewpoint on what I should get out of Perl.

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Sexual Harassment?

package Company::Connection;

use Moose;


sub connection {

my ($self, @args) = @_;

# @Linda: I hope this isn't creepy but if you're reading this I just
# want to say I think you're awesome and we should go out on a date
# sometime soon. Do you agree [Yes/No] -- Matt

# ps. do not commit this class to the master branch!!!


return $self;



Unexpectedly Nordic

So, in addition to Lausanne, Aarhus, and London, I am now also going to be visiting Stockholm in the next month.

Just two weeks ago, Claes Jakobsson and the wonderful folks at Init AB got in touch and invited me to come and speak at the Nordic Perl Workshop on Sunday October 14, and then to run two public Perl training classes on the following Monday and Tuesday.

I am extremely excited to be able to add these events to my schedule as I have never before been to Sweden, nor to an NPW. At the Workshop I'm going to talk about (and demo) my new Regexp::Debugger module...including some brand new and hitherto unreleased features.

If you're going to be in or near Stockholm in the middle of next month and would like to take part in any of these events, you can find out about the Nordic Perl Workshop from the yapc.eu website, and sign up for the training classes on Init's course page.

Hoppas vi ses där!


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A plan for revamping and replacing the Perl debugger.

There is a little bit of overlap here with the first blog on Devel::Trepan. I apologize for that, but I don’t see how this can be avoided. The focus here though is more on the existing Perl debugger rather than Devel::Trepan which is given as one concrete example from which to draw lessons from.

A number of people, myself included, have talked about modernizing or replacing the venerable Perl debugger, perl5db.pl. Here I’d like to suggest a plan of action.

First the situation. It is in many ways similar to the challenges faced say in going from Perl5 to Perl6 — and in other languages Ruby 1.8 to 1.9 or Python 2.7 to Python 3K. What is there is:

  • well known
  • battle tested
  • has lots of features, and is therefore…
  • useful …
  • used by a large number of people …
  • and comes with Perl

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Using jqGrid with Catalyst: Tutorial with Examples for Newbies

  • Introduction
  • Use jqGrid to Display a MySQL Table
    • Get Started!
      • Download jqGrid
      • Download jQuery UI Theme
      • Create MySQL Table
    • Talk to the Browser with Two Views: Catalyst::View::TT, Catalyst::View::JSON
    • Talk to jqGrid: Catalyst::TraitFor::Controller::jQuery::jqGrid
  • Make a Simple 'edit'
  • Improve 'edit' and Add 'add' and 'delete'
  • Final Version
  • Thanks
  • About

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