There will be a Game Room at YAPC::NA 2012. Our sponsor cPanel...

There will be a Game Room at YAPC::NA 2012. Our sponsor cPanel has helped us arrange this spectacular extra social event. 

The idea was actually brought up on several times in various ways. Some people suggested doing a poker tournament, while others wanted to play RPGs, while others wanted to play board and card games, while still others wanted to do a LAN party.  (Who knew there were so many gamers in the Perl community?) We decided to do them all in the form of a game room.

We’ll be setting up a banquet hall at YAPC with large round tables. The Game Crafter will supply some custom YAPC-themed decks of cards. And we’ll also see about having a few board games available. You are of course welcome and encouraged to bring your own board games, poker chips, or other gaming paraphernalia. 

cPanel will then be sponsoring snacks (not a full meal) and drinks and the game room itself! 



Using multiple windows , multiple tabs, code folding, auto-complete, perl-support Vim script ( and taglist source code browser script (

Registers, markers, jumplists are not very expressive in a screenshots.
Anyway I suggest Vim users to try the perl-support plugin. It may considerably speed up your development process.

It always amuses me when I see people talking about Vim or Emacs using words like primitive editor. I know that those people are usually the kind of people that have no idea what these editors can do without that much customization. Also regarding speed, they are usually no match for a Vim or Emacs experimented user.

(I used to be a Java programmer using Netbeans and Intellij IDEA not long ago :). In fact I still use Java occasionally )

Intro to Mojolicious

Glen Hinkle will be giving a talk at YAPC::NA 2012 described as:

Get an overview of what Mojolicious has to offer, and what makes it unique in the Perl community.  Learn how to quickly make and deploy a web app (even if you have no web development experience) and know what resources are available to you going forward.

Best served with beginners, intermediates looking for direction, and those curious to see what this whole mojo thing is all about.

Get on the bus!

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

Vim Screenshot

As requested in the Fight Night post, here is a screenshot of a Perl file loaded in Vim (in this case CGI::Simple).


Fight Night

Guest poster brian d foy writes:

YAPC::NA is hosting a deathmatch that will finally settle the editor question, do you settle for vim or emacs when you are stubborn enough to not use something good. The advocates of either side are sure to point to the many ways they are able to modify their editor (probably using something that most people will agree is even uglier than Perl) so they can use weird, private incantations to do things that only work on their local system. You might notice these people wasting half a day setting up their inferior editor when they get a new system, or being unable to follow what they are doing in their primitive editors during their presentations.

Please help improve Pod::Perldoc 3.17

Pod::Perldoc is a "dual-life module" that ships with Perl core, but also sits outside of it. Over the weekend, I released Pod::Perldoc 3.17 which incorporates several bug fixes and adds several new features.

In the latest release we've:

  • Added better support for UTF8 in the pod -> *roff -> *roff-formatter -> pager pipeline - unfortunately a lot of UTF8 support for pod remains at the mercy of *roff-formatters. People running perl on Mac OS X, for example, will get old crufty versions of groff that do not process UTF8 input, even though Pod::Man supports UTF8 output.

  • Improved support for $PAGER and $PERLDOCPAGER definitions that expect pipelines or input redirection

  • Improved behavior of -l -q

  • Added two new formatter classes (ToANSI and ToTerm) which bypass many of the UTF8 problems with *roff-formatters.

  • Made it easier for downstream utilities to define their own command line arguments

  • Closed over 20 bug tickets on the RT queue. Some of these bug reports were years old unfortunately.

The Perl Review Community Calendar

Several people were talking in Twitter about The Perl Review Community Calendar. If your event is missing, the easiest thing is for you to get a commit bit so you can update your event how you like. Either I or Renée Bäcker can give you access, and I think there are other people who can manage sharing. I should set up one of those fancy FAQ things for this.

The Perl Review Community Calendar is for non-recurring or infrequent major events (so, not your monthly Perl mongers meetings). It would be nice to have another calendar for that, and run it in such a way that you only get the events near you.


I'm finally taking advantage of the co-maintainer bit that Yuval Kogman gave me last year and putting out new releases of MooseX::App::Cmd.

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