FROM Orders

use variable from other module

In module bait we have

our %IMAGEPADV = (
'SxRT-5.1' => [ qw(sol_sparc sol_x64) ],
'LxRT-5.1' => [qw(rhel5_x86_64 sles10_x86_64 sles11_x86_64)],

In my own module use this to access %IMAGEPADV


A compelling reason for Perl6

Had a great chat with the Thousand Oaks PerlMongers last night, as an ongoing series of conversations I've been having recently about finding a compelling reason for Perl6.

I was inspired by Larry's Onion talk to continue thinking about the relation of Perl5 and Perl6 (and frankly, me and Stonehenge as well).

First, Perl6 is not "the next Perl5". Perl5 will be alive and well for another decade at least, independently maintained and released. That's happening quite efficiently and effectively already. (Translated: "I will quite possibly be able to continue making money off Perl5 for years to come".)

So, what is Perl6 then? It's a different language. Businesses aren't going to migrate from Perl5 to Perl6, but they will consider Perl6 for a new project, just as if they'd consider Ruby or Python or Grails or Scala or any other language.

What's missing is the equivalent for what Rails did for Ruby: a compelling web framework.

The Game Crafter

I'd like to see more people talk about their successes with Perl. I don't think we do a very good job of promoting successes. So while there are lots of great Perl apps out there, we as a community need to talk about them more. So I'll start, and I hope to hear more from you guys.

The Game Crafter is one that I'm very proud of. It's completely written in Modern Perl using Moose, DBIx::Class, Dancer, ElasticSearch, Image::Magick, and over 100 other modules, and deployed on Perl 5.12 (cuz 5.14 came out just before we launched it).

App::TimeTracker 2.008 released (finally!)

Hm, seems that ironman is not picking up my new, selfhosted (and selfpowered) blog, so this here is just a short ad for my post there:

App::TimeTracker 2.008 released (finally!)

Padre .088 has been released...

As already mentioned by others, Padre 0.88 is out.

This is the culmination of quite a long development cycle since the last release. This was made longer than it should have been due to the discovery of a bug not long after I had branched version 0.88 from trunk.

The release was then held up while people got to sorting out the problem at the time, which in turn saw more work done and more of the internals changing until it got to the point that it made sense to merge all changes in the branch ( all of them translations by our hard working translators ) back to trunk with a new branch taken for the 0.88 release.

Normally in the release announcement I take you through the changes and bugs fixes to be found in the release at the time, this is typically done by taking the Changes from the Padre distribution and grouping together various changes people have made to give a "face" to the name.

A Day In The Life Of YAPC::Asia Tokyo Preparation

As I've written in my previous post, we've been making visits to our potential YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2011 (Oct 13-15) sponsors for the last few weeks. After today, we only have *one* more visit that we need to make our potential sponsors for YAPC::Asia. Here's a picture from today's visit.

( Tickets are on sale!! )

As you can see, we have last year's YAPC::Asia Tokyo pamphlet, and we're discussing how this sponsor (who shall remain nameless for now) can make the most out of their presence at YAPC::Asia Tokyo.

It's always a nice idea to bring stuff (novelties, pamphlets, time-schedules) from previous YAPCs, as not all potential sponsors share the same image of how a YAPC sponsor ought to help / take advantage of the event.

Urgent Help Required regarding biological perl script

Dear Sir / Madam


My name is Bharat yadav and I am a researcher in Punjab Agricultural University - Ludhiana.
I am facing a problem regarding perl.
I know this will consume your time... but your favor and expertize helps me a lot

I need a perl script which let us know the location of the coordinates of 384 well array.
We do have 2 types of plates one is 384 well plate and second 96 well.
The dimensions of 384 well plate having 24 columns (1,2,3...24) and 16 rows (A,B,C...P)
Where as 96 well plate has 12 columns (1,2,3..12) and 8 rows (A,B,C..H)

these 384 well plates contains 4 different types of samples which were transferred into four 96 well plate.

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