Test Automation Workshop

Gabor Szabo will run a Test Automation Training Workshop at YAPC::NA 2012. The workshop will be for the two days prior to the conference (Monday and Tuesday June 11 and 12).

GraphViz2 V 2.01 & utf8 & N classes in an 'isa'

Hi Folks

GraphViz2 V 2.01 is now on CPAN. The 2 changes (all noted in the CHANGES file) are:

  • Demos of using non-ASCII chars in node and edge labels. See scripts/utf8.pl and scripts/utf8.test.pl. Sample output is at the end of the demo page. Scroll w-a-y down.

  • The API for GraphViz2::Parse::ISA has changed significantly, to support putting several class hierarchies on the same graph. Sample output is on the page above. Just search for isa.


Set::Array V 0.24 'v' bugs in Want

Hi Folks

Set::Array V 0.24 is now in CPAN.

I hate to do it but I've coded a kludge in Set::Array to stop segfaults with Want V 0.20 when using sub difference(), which can also be triggered by using '-' between sets.

Updated docs discuss this issue, and offer 3 ways to code diffs which return the expected result.


Asynchronous HTTP Requests Using Mojolicious

This is in response to this article, Asynchronous HTTP Requests in Perl Using AnyEvent - linked to from Perl Weekly . Particularly, this quote:
BTW, if you’re a Perl programmer and you’ve been jealous of all the cool kids and node.js, AnyEvent is how you do node.js-style programming in Perl.

UPDATE: this is a better example.
Doug Wilson gist of HTTP async with Mojo::IOLoop. On my test system, this now runs slightly faster than the AnyEvent::HTTP solutions.

Below is *a* solution using Mojolicous. I am sure there are other frameworks that can do the same thing. Benchmarks showed that the AnyEvent program is faster anywhere from fractions of a ms to one entire second depending on the iteration. In this simple case, AnyEvent::HTTP may be the correct solution, however I think as part of a larger project you are still better off going with an async web framework like Mojolicious.

YAPC::NA Planning Meeting Tonight

It’s the first Tuesday of the month, so that means it’s YAPC::NA Planning Meeting time. If you’re in the Madison area, or don’t mind a drive there is a YAPC planning meeting tonight at the Essen Haus at 7pm. As always the food and beer are sponsored by Plain Black, and the room is sponsored by Essen Haus.

We’ve got a lot to discuss so the meeting will probably last until around 9pm, but you’re free to come and go as you please.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

Ciao, Booking.com

Ah, yeah, I didn't say anything yet about I'm not with Booking.com anymore since this year. I would like to thank them for sponsoring YAPC::Europe in Riga last summer but now I'm going to move further and being an employee of that company would only stop my passion, ideas and desires. I wish I would not meet all the weird corporate issues anymore.

Truth about Booking.com

It is time to talk about Booking.com. I hear many people ask about us and guess what it is like. I hear lies. I hear truths. No one will really tell you. I will tell you and I wish be fair. Booking.com may be very good for you, but you need to know before you take job if you want it. Booking will tell you the good stuff, not bad stuff.

I will not mention names. I don't want to cause people trouble, but I see good people being pushed out door. This makes me sad because there is no hope of getting better. First, I talk about code.

Before I talk about code: remember that Booking has become the number one in what they do. They are making piles of money and are still growing fast. They are doing something right. I will sound upset about some of this, but some of what they do is good. They are very smart people.

I’m happy to announce that Rimm-Kaufman Group (RKG) has...

I’m happy to announce that Rimm-Kaufman Group (RKG) has decided to sponsor YAPC::NA 2012.

RKG is a full-service digital marketing agency that combines talented and creative marketing analysts with unmatched proprietary technological capabilities to create the industry’s most efficient and effective data-driven online marketing solutions. We drive business to our clients by maximizing a full range of opportunities including Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Social Media Advertising, Comparison Shopping Management, Display Advertising and Multichannel Attribution Management Services. RKG was founded in 2003 and works with organizations ranging in size from young startups to established Fortune 500 companies in sectors including retail, travel and finance.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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