A peculiar dream

I dream a lot. There was a period of 30-40 consecutive days in my high school year when I remember, because I made a note of it after realizing the fact going into the second week of that period, that I dreamed every single night. The frequency has gone much down nowadays, into only about once or twice every week or even less. I still make a note of some of these dreams, especially if the story is peculiar, and I try to find the possible triggers that made my mind decided to weave that story. Sometimes the connection is obvious, and sometimes it is less so.

Last night the dream was related to Perl, somewhat.

Proc::ProcessTable needs a C lover

I just tried to install Server::Control on a linux box.
It depends on Proc::ProcessTable which blew up during testing:

t/process.t .. Can't load '/home/gabor/.cpan/build/
Proc/ProcessTable/ProcessTable.so' for module
Proc::ProcessTable:  /home/gabor/.cpan/build/
Proc/ProcessTable/ProcessTable.so: undefined 
symbol: pthread_once at 
DynaLoader.pm line 190. at t/process.t line 9.
(I had to break the lines of the error as putting it in <pre> tags caused the lines to be cut off. Sorry for that.)

I have not yet figured out if I could just force install and get awy with it or not, but I looked at the state of that module. 40% test repors failed and it has 49 open bugs.

On the other direction 23 other modules depend on this one.

I don't have the knowledge, nor the tuits for this module, but if you have some time and some C knowledge, this could be a nice module to fix.

Moving to Moose Hackathon roundup

After returning from the Moose/RDF hackathon in Norway and moving to another city this weekend, I finally have the time to tackle two tasks on my TODO list at once, viz finally starting this blog and writing up on the hackathon.

The Moving to Moose Hackathon 2012, organized by the Oslo Perlmongers was a five-day event that catered both to the Metaobject Protocol enthusiasts (who use Moose now and may soon use the new p5-mop to be moved to Perl5 Core) and developers interested in using Semantic Technologies and RDF with Perl. I was one of the RDF guys.

"White knight", a meditation

If you think "white knight" is a crap term, a convenient argument-by-dismissal tactic, then you probably already know all this, but there may be some useful ideas for the next time someone attempts to spring this on you.

On the other hand, if you're one of those who think it's the scored-the-touchdown-high-five-we're-done-here way out of any situation where you've said or done something crappy and then been called on it, you're probably not going to read this anyway, but I shall go ahead and write it so you will have to waste energy making up increasingly vituperative denials which I will pointedly ignore.

YAPC::Europe 2012 proceedings are online

Our paper version of the proceedings was a success. We've given away all printed versions. If you missed it or your colleagues prefer an electronic version, we have the PDF version of the proceedings now online at


My Top MySQL Gripes

Due to some (legitimate) criticism I received for complaining about MySQL in another forum without bothering to say why, here is my list of my top MySQL complaints:

Yes, triggers should be avoided, but if you can't avoid them, don't cripple 'em.

Many of these issues force devs to push logic into the application layer where they're far more likely to be buggy.

Actually, if I could just have three of those fixed, I'd want custom data types (with operators, please), sane default values and check constraints.

MongoDB 0.46.1 Released

I'm happy to announce that version 0.46.1 of the Perl MongoDB driver has been released to CPAN! It should make its way to your local mirror soon. This release has mostly minor bugfixes and some housekeeping, but more and better stuff is coming down the line. I've written a detailed post about the release and future plans on my blog here: MongoDB 0.46.1 Released . Enjoy!

blog moved to domm.plix.at

After finally managing to produce a valid atom feed I have now moved my Perl blog to my self-hosted server at http://domm.plix.at/perl.

Blog posts are aggregated via Ironman, and I tend to spam twitter after publishing a new post (at the moment by hand, but I guess I'm going to automate that soonish), so might want to follow domm_favors_irc to stay up to date on my ramblings.

Or do you prefer to have me add short posts here, pointing to my proper blog? (of course I'd remove this blog from Ironman first to prevent duplicates)

Anyway, thanks to the people running blogs.perl.org for providing me with a blogging home after use.perl.org shut down.

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