Perl Reunification Summit

As some of you may know, my partner Wendy van Dijk and me organized a Perl Reunification Summit on the Friday and Saturday before the YAPC::Europe. Organizing this started in May already, when I tried to contact as many people face to face to discuss this, before finalizing the plan. When the plans more or less got final, I basically sent this email to the people I had not been able to contact personally yet. Since it explains a lot of my reasoning for having the Perl Reunification Summit, I thought I’d share this mail with you.

As of April this year, I’m on indefinite sabbatical. So I have time to worry about other things than $work. And I worry about the future of Perl.

First Post

So, why don't you write a blog? A question I have been asked many a time in the past years.

I guess I mainly felt that I didn't have to tell the world much. And I was busy with $work.

Then you stop $work and start with $sabbatical. And start acting on the strange ideas that you developed over the years. Then you're asked to really start a blog this time. Really. And then you commit to that.

So here's my first post on Not a lot of content yet. But it's a start. And more will be coming shortly.

Forgive me, for I have sinned

I uploaded a new module to CPAN, because none of the existing options were right to me, and then I subsequently found a good few more modules.

While working on my review of modules for getting dependency information, I came across a few modules which take the path to a module and parse the source to extract information. In writing my synopsis style scripts, it would be much easier to pass a module name. So I started hacking on one of the modules (Module::Used). I needed a function to take a module name and return the path for the first module found in @INC. Previously I've written such a thing, using File::Util::SL to get the right directory path separator. Time to look on CPAN.

First I searched metacpan for 'module path', but didn't immediately find anything. After a bit more digging I found Module::Filename:

    use Module::Filename;
    my $mf = Module::Filename->new;
    print "path = ", $mf->filename('HTTP::Client'), "\n";

So, Kiev 2013


It was officially announced a few days ago that the next YAPC::Europe will be held in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Have you also heard that Kiev is the best city in the world? :-)

Let me share some basic information we've got today about the conference, almost a year before it.

There are three main persons behind the conference: Yaroslav Korshak, Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi and me. Together (in different combinations) we've organised about 30 Perl workshops and conferences in 7 countries. In 2007, I started the YAPC::Russia series and in 2011 I received the White Camel Award because of doing that. The recent conferences in Kiev, including YAPC::Russia codenamed Perl Mova and the Black Perl are the ones organised by these two guys, Yaroslav and Viacheslav. They did an excellent job this year gathering ~200 attendees and inviting a few foreign speakers.

UsePerl and Other Stories

I've just released new versions of my use.perl distributions, WWW-UsePerl-Journal and WWW-UsePerl-Journal-Thread. As use.perl became decommisioned at the end of 2010, the distrubutions had been getting a lot of failure reports, as they used screen-scraping to get the content. As such, I had planned to put them out to pasture in BackPAN. That was until recently I discovered that Léon Brocard had not only released WWW-UsePerl-Server, but also provided a complete SQL archive of the use.perl database (see the POD for a link). Then combining the two, he put up a read-only version of the website.

#perl6 summary for week ending 2012-08-25

First time reading one of these summaries? Please glance at Notes.



Which tag to use for YAPCs?

discuss here in my blog:

(as Perl Iron Man doesn't let me update my blog URL, I have to crosspost here. sorry for that..)

What I liked about YAPC::EU 2012

Disclaimer: This list is no ways complete. It does not mean that I didn't like what I forgot to mention. :-)

The Streuselkuchen. The coffee. The snacks. The drinks. THE ICECREAMS.

How the essential things worked like charm. The Germans are winners. :-) This is no news to the fans of the English Football Team. Thank you very much, organizers. (bow)

The lunch break in the city park.

The Talks. The broad range of interesting topics. The "informativeness" of the talks. (I have not attended one single talk where I had the impression that the speaker gave the talk to hear himself speak.) I used the feedback forms for individual feedback, and so should you, I think. It's about talking to people rather than about them (publicly). Nice things can always be said, so again: Thank you, speakers! ;-)

The cool air in the auditorium which escaped from a bunch of holes in your front neighbour's seat. Put your fingers inside and feel the cool breeze!

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