Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012. You made it! Can you believe it? I can't believe it either, the way you partied last night. Have you no shame?

Well it's time to make a New Year's resolution. You're coming to YAPC::NA 2012 in Madison, WI on June 13-15. 

While you're at it, have your spouse or significant other make the resolution with you. Bring them to the YAPC::NA 2012 Spouses Program.

YAPC::NA Has A Mailing List

Did you know that YAPC::NA has a mailing list? Neither did I until a couple days ago. Starting now, I'll be cross posting our news items to the mailing list, in case that is your preferred way to receive news about YAPC::NA 2012.

YAPC::Europe 2012 still alive

We are still alive!

Our silence regarding the progress and especially
the venue location and conference dates is owed to the restrictions of
the planned venue which explicitly forbids mentioning the date and
place before the contract is signed by both parties.

We didn't keep up with the post frequency after the first blog posts,
but as the contract should be signed at the start of January 2012, you
should see more frequent updates from us again. We can't promise to compete with the excellent communication of YAPC::NA 2012 though.

We wish you a good start in 2012 and hope to see you in Frankfurt!

Tinkering with a (safe) string use

I read Schwern’s post How (not) To Load a Module just as I was wanting to dynamically load different Module::Build subclasses for different OSes. It struck me just as odd as it seems to for everyone that use-ing a module from a string should be so hard.

In my spare time, I have been working on some use problems using Devel::Declare and it gives some intersting hope here. Preliminarily I am calling it UseX::Declare but hopefully someone will come up with something better. Basically it provides a function called use_from which acts like:

use UseX::Declare;
  our $var = 'Net::FTP';
use_from $var;

Through the magic of Devel::Declare, the parser sees:

use UseX::Declare;
  our $var = 'Net::FTP';
use_from(1); use Net::FTP;

The use_from(1); is no-op cruft that allows me to get around a limitation in Devel::Declare (or if not a limitation, then a failure in my understanding).

If you like doing unusual things when you visit a new place, one...

If you like doing unusual things when you visit a new place, one of the things you should definitely check out while you’re in Madison for YAPC::NA 2012 is the National Mustard Museum

On the bottom floor they have an archive of the history of mustard. You’ll be amazed by all the things you didn’t know about mustard. In addition, they even have jars of actual mustard dating back to over 100 years.

On the top floor they have the most amazing selection of mustards for purchase you have ever seen, literally hundreds of types of mustards. And best of all, you can sample any mustard in the store whether you intend to buy or not.

You will have to take a bus, a cab, or drive though, because the National Mustard Museum is about 6 miles from the YAPC facilities. It’s worth the effort. This is a possible destination for the Spouses Program.

New Lingua::Identify::CLD

As if I did not have enough modules to take care already, I just started a new one. It is still on its beta version as I did not have much time to test it, and write a decent API. It is available in the usual place: https://metacpan.org/release/AMBS/Lingua-Identify-CLD-0.01_01

This is an interface to a library by Google for language detection. As far as I could understand, it is part of the Chrome browser, and was just released as open source. Details here: http://code.google.com/p/chromium-compact-language-detector/

It is available at GitHub, and I am happy to receive issues or pull requests. Just bear in mind that no API is still defined (although I have an idea of what I want) and that I do not have much time to solve your issues right ahead.

Finally, a thanks to Jean Véronis that pointed me the library and asked kindly for a Perl interface to it.

Syntax Highlighting Perl Debugger on github

You may have seen this:

Perl Debugger with Syntax Highlighting

I had debugger syntax highlighting working before, but I overcomplicated it and never figured out how to approach the problem.

I was inspired to try again by Mithaldu's post about augmenting the debugger. Once I realized that I had a much better strategy than previously, the code was straightforward.

I tested it on 5.12.2. I offer no guarantees. It's on Github as DB--Color. You don't like it? Fix it :)

++ Goes on Hiatus

If you saw @kraih's recent MetaCPAN tweet, you'll know that MetaCPAN's ++ feature has been gamed. Now, we were aware there was some potential for gaming. Initially you needed a PAUSE id to be able to ++, but this had an unexpected side effect in that there were some requests for PAUSE accounts with the justification of "I'd like to be able to ++ on MetaCPAN". Because this placed an additional burden on the already busy PAUSE admins, we were asked to remove this requirement.

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