Dorms Now Accepting Sunday Reservations

I’ve worked out a deal with University Housing for the dorms for YAPC::NA 2012. They’re now accepting reservations for Sunday, June 10th in addition to the weekday reservations. This should help those of you who are coming in for the workshops or hackathon. Register for your dorm now, or update your existing reservation.

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My personalized Perl bumper sticker

Hi Folks

Yep - See it in all it's glory:

A Perl-powered Toyota hybrid.

Actually, up close, with the sun reflecting on all the little rainbow coloured dot means this pix doesn't do it justice.

And yes, I should have caps on the 'open source' part...

Sigh... Next time. These last about a year exposed to the weather.

PS: Luckily for me a Toyota Prius has an almost-vertical window at the back.

The Lacuna Expanse

Graham Knop will give a talk at YAPC::NA 2012 described as:

In this talk I’ll talk about the massively multi-player video game written in Perl known as The Lacuna Expanse. I’ll talk about how and why it was built (some Perl internals). And I’ll also tell you a little bit about Lacuna’s achievements. 

I also hope to unveil a big surprise.

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Ubic - status report

It's been almost a year since my last Ubic post.
So just a quick remainder: Ubic is a polymorphic service manager which makes creating daemons easy, while being extensible in a several different ways.
(github; cpan).

This post is going to be pretty long.
If the rest of it is tl;dr for you, but you have any opinion about what constitutes a perfect service manager / daemonizer tool, or about what would convince you to use one, please consider commenting anyway :)

Technical improvements

The most important improvement was the addition of ini config files. Now you can write this:
# cat /etc/ubic/service/foo.ini
bin = sleep 100
instead of this:
# cat /etc/ubic/service/foo
use Ubic::Service::SimpleDaemon;
  bin => 'sleep 1000',
This is important for reaching to people outside of perl community. But I'll get back to this a bit later. (Of course, perl-style configs are not going anywhere.)

#!/usr/bin/perl -evil

I came across some Perl used for defacing websites. Not the standard stuff that adds a picture or scriptkiddie text, but adds an iframe to a website that was used (probably unknowingly) with the Eleonore Exploit Kit.

The Perl just globs standard html files (e.g., html, asp, php, etc), opens them, and appends the iframe to it (and remembers to CLOSE the file handle, too). That's it. Pretty manual. Not as automated as I thought it would be. I expected that it would at least change directories to the standard html directories or delete logs or something, but no... and it's clearly not used for attacking the servers which would host the "defaced" sites either. I suppose that since some servers host dozens to hundreds of sites that maybe it doesn't have to be so automated.

Anyway, if I had to guess, the index.php file from the iframe probably leads to exploits seen in the Wepawet link below.

In other news, Perl's not dead.

Pastebin link for Perl:
Wepawet link:

Pair Programming and Code Review

Nathan Gray will give a talk at YAPC::NA 2012 described as:

Some of the benefits of working with other programmers are being able to absorb best practices, avoid pitfalls, have more fun, and write better, more consistent code.

We will discuss what works and what to avoid, and how to interface with brilliant, introverted people who want to get their own work done.

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Tel Aviv Perl Mongers Meeting on 02 Tel Aviv Perl Mongers Meeting on 02 May, 2012May, 2012

(The Hebrew text will be followed by an English one).

שימו לב: הפגישה נדחתה בעקבות יום הזכרון ותתקיים ב-2 במאי

ב-2 במאי 2012 (יום רביעי) נערוך את מפגש הפרל החודשי שלנו, על אודות שני קצוות מנוגדים של עולם הפרל. אנו נפגשים ב-18:30 ומתחילים ב-19:00. כתובת: מכללת שנקר, בניין ראשי ברחוב אנה פרנק, רמת גן, חדר 300.

פרטים נוספים ניתן למצוא באתר של שוחרי הפרל של תל אביב ובאתר של שוחרי הפרל הישראלים.

במפגש זה יהיו ההרצאות הבאות:

  • גולף פרל - מאת ינון פרק. גולף קוד הינו אתגר שבו יש לכתוב תוכנית המבצעת משימה מסוימת במספר המינימלי של תוים.

  • שיפוץ קוד פרל - מאת גאבור סבו. שיפוץ קוד (Code refactoring) הינו טכניקה ממושמעת לשינוי המבנה של קוד קיים על מנת לשפר את האיכות הפנימית והאלגנטיות שלו.

לאחר ההרצאות נשתתף במיני-האקאתון בו נעבוד ביחד על מודולים של סיפאן.

המפגש הוא חינמי וכולם מוזמנים. נתראה שם!

English Version

Note: the meeting was delayed due to the Israeli Memorial day

Custom Facebook Integration

Juan Natera will give a talk at YAPC::NA 2012 described as:

Attending a live entertainment event is a social experience, but at Ticketmaster we decided to take it to the next level by integrating with Facebook on our Interactive Seat Map. This Allows fans to see where their friends are seating, helping them to get seats close to their friends. In this presentation I will discuss some of the challenges we faced with this project, what we did to overcome them, as well as a live demonstration of the product.

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