CPAN Testers Summary - July 2011 - Permanent Waves

957,044 ... that's 957,044

That's the number of report submissions we saw during the 31 days of July! This biggest monthly submission we've ever had. Just over 40,000 reports more and we would have broken the 1 million barrier. Considering it took 9 and a half years to reach out first million milestone, the fact that we're now seeing nearly 1 million a month is just staggering. I've stopped posting about passing each million mark as its becoming to frequent. You'll have to wait for the 20 millionth report (expected about Christmas 2011 at the current rate) for the next notable post in that regard.

Introducing Java::Bridge (really, this time)

So, a few days ago, I intended to post a paragraph of metablogging, and then get on with introducing a project. Then I was going to post a few paragraphs. Then I actually write it, decided it deserved it’s own entry, and posted it … and decided that I deserved a break. So here I am, a few days later…

Java::Bridge’s intent is to be a way to use and control any arbitrary Java API you want, from inside of Perl code, without requiring the author of Java::Bridge (IE me) to have considered your use case in advance, or having to have a Java compiler on the target system. (Or, for that matter, a C compiler. Preferably, at all.) August 2011 Meeting - Devel::Peek

Happy birthday Dancer! 2 years today!

This is reposted from the blog of David Precious (bigpresh), original entry available here.

Today marks two years to the day since the first version of Dancer hit CPAN!

According to the BackPAN, Dancer-0.9003.tar.gz hit CPAN on 07-Aug-2009.

I think you'll agree we've come a long way since then, thanks to the awesome community and user base built up around the project since then.

In these two years, we've had countless valuable contributions from a large list of contributing users (see the list on the about page), gathered over 300 watchers on GitHub, had 84 people fork the repository on GitHub, had 620 pull requests submitted... amazing stuff.

We've seen a wide range of awesome Dancer plugins appear on CPAN.

We've seen Dancer presented at various conferences including FOSDEM,, the French Perl Workshop, the Bulgaria Perl Workshop, PyWeb IL (an Israeli Python group).

We've seen screencasts on using Dancer (thanks Gabor!), we've seen Dancer discussed plenty within the Perl community with plenty of helpful suggestions.

Changes to The Way Marpa Orders Parse Results

This post is for users of Marpa's Constant Ranking Method. You are using the Constant Ranking Method if you specify the "ranking_method" named argument of a Marpa recognizer, with the value "constant". If you're not using the Constant Ranking Method, you can stop reading here.

Marpa::XS 0.008000 is the last release that will support the Constant Ranking Method. In future releases of Marpa, Marpa::PP, and Marpa::XS, the Constant Ranking Method may be removed. At a minimum, it will behave differently at the interface level.

Marpa is alpha but previously, whenever I've changed the documented behavior of an interface, I have kept backward compatibility. As alpha development ends and I approach a beta release, I am forced to be more ruthless. I will be changing or eliminating the Constant Ranking Method, and duplicating its exact semantics for backward compatibility is simply too difficult.

thank ask

CPAN mail no longer blacklists github.

And BTW Graham Barr last month fixed the linking of licences in the package view. it now recognises gpl as gpl and not as Postgres license and also gpl_1 .. gpl_3 with much more verbose and precise links. Thank you both. Im just the guy who keeps nagging (one more ticket about pause packages status coding is still underway).

Dan's updates for the week ending August 7th, 2011


Task::CPAN::Reporter and CPAN::Mini to the rescue

After the recent problems with Bash::Completion and Bash::Completion::Plugins::perlbrew on my system I realized that maybe the problem I was having is in the actual default operating system install of Perl. To investigate this problem I did a fresh install of openSUSE 11.4 64-bit into a VirtualBox. After running the security updates I installed Task::CPAN::Reporter to pull in what I needed and configured cpan to send reports in. I used the metabase_id.json I had already generated for my development machine as it is recommended to share this file if you plan to have multiple systems sending in reports.

So in the fresh test environment did Bash::Completion install correctly? No, it failed during the testing stage just like before. I dug through the openSUSE package manager, installed and re-installed different things and tried cpan Bash::Completion over and over again. After running out of ideas I set this problem aside for now and focused on other issues that came up during this process.

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