YAPC::NA is 75% sold out!

With just over 2 months before the conference we’ve sold more than 300 tickets to YAPC::NA 2012 so far! That’s great news. The bad news is that the conference facility maxes out at 400 people, so if you are coming to YAPC, you need to get your badge sooner rather than later. 

Also, we only have a couple more tickets left to sell before the Zero to Perl Workshop is full. And we only have about 10 more spots left for the Hackathon that precedes the conference, which includes the Hardware Hackathon led by Robert Blackwell. 

I don’t want anybody to miss out on the great program we’ve got set for YAPC::NA 2012. So please don’t hesitate, sign up today!

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

State of the Velociraptor

At YAPC::EU 2012 Matt S Trout will tell you something about the "State of the Velociraptor":

"What shall we do tonight, mst?"

"Same thing we do every night: Try to conquer the world"

As usual, mst presents a madcap recap of the last year in the perl5 community combined with some thoughts on how both madness and method can inform our approach to our language, community and culture over the next year.

Don't Be Rude (and welcome to meta)

meta is the “meta” blog for blogs.perl.org. It deals with issues surrounding this blog and not about Perl itself.

Recently we’ve seen some strong comments from a few people and we (Dave Cross, Aaron Crane, Aristotle and Ovid) have discussed what to do about it. We’re pretty much in firm agreement that the right answer is to do nothing. For now. All of us agree that censorship is not something we care for but there have been some comments that are teetering over the line and are making blogs.perl.org a less pleasant place to be. So we refer you to the Blogger’s Code of Conduct

  • Responsibility for our own words
  • Nothing we wouldn’t say in person
  • Connect privately first
  • Take action against attacks
  • a) No anonymous comments OR b) No pseudonymous comments
  • Ignore the trolls
  • Encourage enforcement of terms of service
  • Keep our sources private
  • Discretion to delete comments
  • Do no harm
  • Think twice — post once

Call for Sponsors for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012

We're now looking for sponsors for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012: http://yapcasia.org/2012/news/yapcasia-2012-sponsor.html

We accept sponsorships in increments of 50,000JPY. For our sponsors, we offer to publicize your logo on our pamphlets, and on our site, as well as a dedicated entry for you under our site (example).

If you have swag to give away, we are happy to distribute them at the venue, along with any advertising material (pamphlets or the like). If you are sending someone over to promote, we are happy to arrange something. Please contact us for details at info-at-perlassociation.org.

We hope to see you at the world's largest YAPC!

Get More Out Of Your Meetings

Abigail will give a talk at YAPC::NA 2012 described as:

Many people, specially developers, hate meetings. They have to invest a lot of time, for little reward. Meetings, however, can not be avoided completely. At work, I can easily have a dozen meetings in a week. In this presentation, I will share some ideas and tips we use to make meetings more efficient; so the participants get “more bang for the buck”.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

Missing cygwin1.dll Simple Fix: Put Cygwin in PATH

If you try running Cygwin from another program (say, the Ponderosa tabbed terminal emulator) and you get a "missing cygwin1.dll" error, you should check that you have put Cygwin into your Windows PATH environment variable. Cygwin does not do this by default.

(Documented in the Cygwin manual "Chapter 2. Setting Up Cygwin", section "Environment Variables" (but missed by me on the first pass).)

Corvisa is Hiring!

Corvisa has a Perl Developer position open that looks quite interesting.

Department:Software Development
Compensation:Competitive with benefits

Job Description

As a Software Developer, you will be responsible for the design and development of our RESTful API and backend processing jobs to add new system functionality that will support our growing customer base.

You will accurately and rapidly write code for various software products, which entails using proper coding conventions as well as following any specific desired coding conventions. Emphasis is on producing clean and lean code that is capable of functioning and scaling in highly demanding business environments.


Corvisa is sponsoring YAPC::NA 2012! We’re proud to have...

Corvisa is sponsoring YAPC::NA 2012! We’re proud to have them as a sponsor.

Corvisa Services is the software development, IT services and marketing division for a series of large and growing companies owned by our Kansas City-based parent company, NovaStar Financial Inc. We build killer software using a variety of languages, with entire teams devoted to Perl.

Our newly expanded tech mecca in downtown Milwaukee offers perks like:

  • Competitive compensation, benefits, and a jean-friendly, casual work environment
  • Code Love: Hackathons, code contests and opportunities to see your work turned into viable new product lines
  • Freebies: snacks, catered lunches, corporate discounts and as much caffeine as your heart desires
  • Wellness: Free campus fitness center, massage events, a game room and plenty of team events to keep things fun

For more information on Corvisa and our available jobs, visit www.corvisa.com

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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