Continuous deployment with Perl

Lenz Gschwendtner will give a talk at YAPC::Europe 2012 described as

Continuous Deployment is a big topic if you want to push out code to production as fast as possible. The little pitfall is that it is not that straight forward if you want to use a PP approach. We at iWantMyName came up with a pure perl tool chain all the way from your git repository via integration testing to deployment to your production servers.

My first perl blog

write down my thought, experience and life about perl.

DuckDuckGo and Perl

Torsten Raudssus will give a talk at YAPC::NA 2012 described as:

Talk about DuckDuckGo and Perl. The application and infrastructure of DuckDuckGo and about the Open Source and GreyPAN movement. Also giving an overview how to contribute to DuckDuckGo. Good for beginners to dive into Perl and contribute to a real world service directly.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

This is why I love Template Toolkit

So I recently learnt about Template Toolkits META directive - I mean I've seen it scattered around here and there but never really seen it do much more than provide default page titles.

I have been annoyed at the inelegant workarounds I've had to use when organising a web app with a site wrapper template and keeping all the view control in the right templates rather than in either the controller or as special cases in the wrapper.

Today I finally sorted that.. yesterday I used the meta tag to add javascript and css links to the header part of the page from a template deep inside the body of the html and today I replaced a special case flag with a sub-template specified by the meta tag, which then contains the wrapped content - rather elegant.. AND it allowed me to solve the layout issues I had after I moved the app from bootstrap 1 to bootstrap 2


Padre 0.96 has been released...

Padre, the Perl IDE has just hit version 0.96, only 1 more release before, numerically speaking, it hits 1.0.

Now this is interesting, as one of the big coders for Padre is Adam Kennedy ( Alias ), and he wanted to use the remaining release version numbers to get various bits and pieces of housekeeping in order before hitting the big 1.0.

However, it seems that Adam is moving (has moved by now) to the US, and to date, seems modus incommunicado, and lots of work has been done by Kevin Dawson (bowtie) and Ahmad Zawawi (azawawi) and as such I have been asked to roll out a new Padre 0.96 for the world to enjoy.

So given the last release was at the beginning of the year, and clearly from the Changes file for this release a lot has been done, it was well and truly time to don my Release Managers hat and get on with getting Padre out the door.

Dorms Now Accepting Sunday Reservations

I’ve worked out a deal with University Housing for the dorms for YAPC::NA 2012. They’re now accepting reservations for Sunday, June 10th in addition to the weekday reservations. This should help those of you who are coming in for the workshops or hackathon. Register for your dorm now, or update your existing reservation.

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My personalized Perl bumper sticker

Hi Folks

Yep - See it in all it's glory:

A Perl-powered Toyota hybrid.

Actually, up close, with the sun reflecting on all the little rainbow coloured dot means this pix doesn't do it justice.

And yes, I should have caps on the 'open source' part...

Sigh... Next time. These last about a year exposed to the weather.

PS: Luckily for me a Toyota Prius has an almost-vertical window at the back.

The Lacuna Expanse

Graham Knop will give a talk at YAPC::NA 2012 described as:

In this talk I’ll talk about the massively multi-player video game written in Perl known as The Lacuna Expanse. I’ll talk about how and why it was built (some Perl internals). And I’ll also tell you a little bit about Lacuna’s achievements. 

I also hope to unveil a big surprise.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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