OT: Switching the MySQL replication Master

This is one of those blog posts where I (ab)use blogs.perl.org to document some notes, primarily for myself ...

  • Server A : is the old "Master"
  • Server B : is the new "Master" (a rebuild of A) and for a transition period is replicating from A until it is promoted to the main Master and A can be switched off.
  • Server C : currently replicates from A, however we want to instead move it to replicate from B in advance of replacing A with B.

Never mind!

The rewrite was cancelled.

This is in part because of cost, and also because the client involved are, in the long term, including the functionality in their SAP "solution".

I could rant for several megabytes about how this is a silly desicion, but it was made so far above my head I can't even see it from here. Seems like that's always the case when SAP is involved.

So, after spending roughly €20.000 on something it's being scrapped, and some SAP consultant will implement it (sort of, anyway) in their way, and bill €1.000.000. Yep, makes perfect business sense for all involved.

Aaanyway, never mind this blog. It's not relevant.

Can I just say

How cool perldoc.perl.org is? There. I've said it.

Hats off to all involved.

Act Workshop Tonight

Rob Hoelz, the leader of our software team for YAPC::NA 2012, is holding an Act workshop from 5pm to 7pm at the Essen Haus tonight. Don’t worry if you can’t make it for the entire two hours. People are free to come and go as they please. But if you want to learn about how you can help enhance Act for YAPC, then you should definitely try to make it.

Bring a laptop with you, preferably with Perl already installed. If you don’t have a laptop, then we can buddy you up with someone that does. Rob will take care of the rest once you arrive. Hope to see you there.

NOTE: These are the two hours before our normal MadMongers meet up in the same place, which starts at 7pm. Feel free to stay for that. Jesse Thompson and I will be giving dueling talks about Data Munging where we will show you how to extract data out of nearly everything.

Help Test::Builder 1.5

To keep myself focused on getting a feature complete Test::Builder 1.5 out this month, I've been writing down non-critical tasks rather than doing them myself. Refactorings, documentation and interface fixups. They're helpfully categorized:

  • Easy are things which are easy.
  • Gardening are refactorings and other cleanups.
  • Docs are for documentation.

If you'd like to help, I'd love the help. There's plenty to do for everybody. Our preferred workflow is laid out and pretty easy to follow. There's a design document to give you an overview of what's going on, though it is out of date in places.

Help Update Pod::Perldoc!

Pod::Perldoc needs love. It's the module behind the perldoc command and has been only lightly maintained by p5p for the past couple of years. I needed to fix a minor issue, discovered that I had filed the oldest tickets against the module, and figured I'd clean up the queue. I'll try to do as much work as I can before the code freeze for Perl 5.16, which is really soon.

I'm now the maintainer of the module, and I've gone through each of the tickets and triaged them. I fixed the small, easy things, but the rest of the things take a bit of work. Everything is in my Pod-Perldoc Github repository, so you can easily work and contribute to that. It's up-to-date with the stuff that was applied directly in the perl sources, too.

There's a lot of work to do with Pod::Perldoc::ToMan and pagers and various cross-platfrom issues.

There are virtually no tests for the module, so there's a lot of stuff to do there.
Besides the actual code work, I just need people to use it and find where the various tiny changes have broken things.

And, as if I didn't have enough to do already, if you have other things you need fixed, add them to the Pod-Perldoc RT queue.

Mojocast #4: Stash, Flash, and Sessions

It's Mojocast Monday, kids, which means a brand new Mojocast for your perusing pleasure.

Continuing to demonstrate Mojolicious::Lite, the Mojocasts are moving through Mojolicious basics, so newcomers can get up and running more quickly than ever (And dare I say it, have fun at the same time. *gasp*).

As the screencasts continue, you can bet your sweet ponycorn we'll be covering some of the more cutting-edge features, such as web-sockets and event-driven web apps.

For now, however, we have another installment to make sure those old and new can get started quickly with Perl web development, without a lot of fuss.

Mojocast #4: Stash, Flash, and Sessions

Keep in mind - the shortcuts link to specific times in the screencast, so you can share/bookmark specific topics.

Thank you to @kure_ji_neko and elb0w for agreeing to host the Mojocast video files. We can all feel that much more hip by using HTML5 video instead of flash.

Padre 0.92, the release!

As previously alluded to, Padre 0.92 was nearing completion for distribution.

Well, this is the announcement to say that Padre, the Perl IDE has finally been cut loose to venture into the wild world.

With the run up to 1.0 the next series of Padre releases will be the end result of a lot of refactoring work, mostly done by the ever industrious Adam Kennedy; and more polish and shine to key areas, such as the amazing work done by Ahmad Zawawi with Wx::Scintilla and its incorporation into Padre.

The change list for this release is simply massive, at over 160 lines ( not all of them single line changes, granted ) this is without doubt one of the larger set of changes to go out in a release. Helped somewhat by the rather lengthy development cycle. Typically Padre releases were about 2-4 weeks, but with the significant changes to the internals going on, it was clear that time would be required to get things back into shape.

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