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people are stupid

i dont like it when people say that. because i like I love people. they deserve some understanding, tenderness and indulgence. and its a decent behaviour to do so anyway.

But on the other hand:

most people on this planet I see as incredibly limited. and in many different ways. whats the most limiting factor are prejudices and be stuck to the own point of view.

in the 19th century scientists measured that womans brains are smaller and therefore concluded their less capable of thinking and thatswhy it would be a waste to let them study at university. that was rational an…

back to quiet

hooray I will give my first training course at YAPC. As every quarter, i written another wxperl article for $foo which will get part of the teaching material as well as my code examples for the wxperl workshop last year. i really need to prepare better for such incidences.

horray my first article for heise got published. it was about the german perl workshop some days ago, $foo got an e…

bla bla bla bla bla

After Kieren Diments talk in schorndorf I held a spontaneous lightning talk about the state of the project called Perl 6. The slides wouldn't tell you much, since i pushed them together in 1 hour while listening to others. But i had to do it, since lot of people in the audience I talked with had no clear knowledge and some even said things on stage, that were hardly bearable. Get me right. i can listen to any opinion. No problem if someone says…

Schorndorf and Ironman

I now officially declare my participation at iron man perly blog sport content after I skope withe a blonde with skirt.

But why I met Matt. Because I'm in schorndorf or course. I's german Perl workshop and my Talks went well. Both of them i will give in Pisa too, in english, and longer. Especially the Rebol talk needs a lot more time I found out. My testing talk was very well recieved. Fine. The Kephra Talk will come tomorrow. All the slides are online now.

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