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to say schwern++ is simply too simple

Yeah, another emotional bla and even lengthy - but might be insightful and its not tiring, promise.

Yesterday listened to Schwerns talk on youtube and it triggered some memories of things I wanted talk about over and over again but mostly kept quit. I mean my talk about Perl articles in Wikipedia some years ago that was largely motivated by the dysfunctional community there and how prevent this in Perl realm - but the actual talk was mainly about Perl, presenting Perl, writing wiki texts and how to get along inside Wikipedia./users/lichtkind/2012/08/index.html


It was a good YAPC although I already knew FFM and their slightly musty University, so it lacked the excitement of a new unknown place. But I guess its part of the joy to meet the class of Perl again, greet domm here, say hai to karen there and so on.

Highlight was to me Stevan Littles presentation (no keynote was utterly important), even if I extracted the crucial infos before. I was especially sceptical to declare one line to get the getter/setter like in Moo/s/e. But combined getter/setter are not always right, you might follow the damian or even (god forbid) your own taste. So to …

remember GCL?

Some of you witnessed me last August standing in front of the great Perl congregation at YAPC::EU and talking a lot of steamy hot air out of my mouth. More precisely how nice it would be to have a DSL for GUI creation like Rebol has it. I just turned hulky green (but without the muscles) of envy when I saw how much less syntax they need to define GUI. Especially if you use the super verbose Wx. (But it looks just better :) ). As I currently do a lot for the rewrite of /users/lichtkind/2012/08/index.html

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