The Company Culture: Go Leader


The Westfield Leader has been using Perl for more than a decade (since 1998), providing many essential functions. Over time they have received considerable learning help from the Perl community.

They are privately owned weekly newspapers in Westfield, NJ since 1890. Perl contributed to helping us digitize all of the archives, which run as far back as 1907, and they are now search…

The Company Culture - the process

This week I will be starting the company promotion that I mentioned in my last blog post ( I thought I would take a few moments to explain some more what I am doing and what the process will be.

As I said previously this is not a structured approach, there is no definite action or reward to be achieved and no…

Perl and the Company Culture

A couple of recent events, and a long running conversation, have set me to thinking about all the companies who contribute to the world of Perl. When I say contribute I mean any, or multiple of the following:

  1. Use Perl;
  2. Have Perl developers;
  3. Sponsor Perl events;
  4. Send delegates to conferences;
  5. Buy Perl services from consultants;
  6. Sponsor development;
  7. Release Code;
  8. Sponsor a module creation;
  9. Manage an event;
  10. Host an event;
  11. Encourage employees to be community members;
  12. Allow …

No Go GSoC

I am sorry to report that the Perl Foundation will not be participating in this year's Google Summer of Code. A number of stumbling blocks were created the most important being the failure in accurately planning workload for which I take full responsibility.[1]

I have spoken with Duke and Paul who performed magnificently for me, as always, and our plan going forwards is to move the planning and preparation to a rolling event. This means that we will start gathering more ideas, volunteers and approaching students now in preparation for 2016.

So although we have failed to get on…

GSoC: I need your ideas

However to do that we need a stack of ideas of projects, modlues or code for the students to look at and then choose. We need mentors to volunteer and we need people looking for students. We have a week to really flesh out the ideas page.

Currently the /var/www/users/shadowcat_mdk/index.html