CTRL O Sponsor the DBIx::Class Hackathon

The organisers of the DBIx::Class hackathon would like to extend our thanks and warmest regards to CTRL O (ctrolo.com) for their generous support of this year's hackathon.

CTRL O will sponsor the food for all the attendees on the day of the event and have done so to help contribute back to a project and community who have provided them with a magnificent tool and useful help via irc and mailing lists. We would like to extend our…

'For the first time in forever'(1) Send-A-Newbie will be supporting YAPC::NA

by Claire Jackson and Mark Keating

This year, we are proud to announce, that the initiative has been expand to assist
neophytes in accessing ="http://www.yapcna.o…

Eligo Sponsors the DBIx::Class Hackathon

Thanks for the Venue

It is our great pleasure to announce that the DBIx::Class Hackathon, to be held in Swindon on the weekend of the 12th April, will have its venue sponsored by the wonderful people at Eligo.

Eligo are a niche boutique recruitment consultancy with a team of dedicated Perl Consultants.

They live and breathe our markets. In fact they like to think they are as passionate about the sector as those who work within it. If you want proof of it stop by and…

YAPC NA : Call for Speakers

The announcement for the call for speakers has just been posted to the YAPC::NA official blog and Twitter feed.

This year the theme is “¡Viva Perl!”. Talks that embrace the theme will be favoured by the orgas. when deciding which submissions will be presented. remember that there are a number of tracks over several days, there is a great deal of room on the schedule. It also is apparent that the organisers are keen for people to come to them early with ideas of talks, meetings and events they want to run to coincide with the conference.

As with any Perl event the barrier …

Send-A-Newbie 2013

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Theo J. van Hoesel and Mihai Pop have been awarded places on this year's Send-A-Newbie Initiative, from the Enlightened Perl Organisation, and will have fully sponsored attendance to the Yet Another Perl Conference, Europe in Kiev from the 12th to the 14th August 2013.

As with other years the selection process was relatively straightforward and this year we offerred places to four candidates, h…