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  • Posted Desire for Perl wrapper of Mozilla's IoT platform to Steve Bertrand

    I've spent more than four years working on Raspberry Pi stuff for Perl, and although it's only garnered a relatively small but thorough interest, it's been a wonderful one to be a part of.

    Mozilla has opened up a new IoT Platform, and I'm wondering if…

  • Posted berrybrew, the Perlbrew for Windows v1.26 released to Steve Bertrand

    I've finally found some time to get some wanted and needed changes implemented into berrybrew.

    Some changes were for development and testing of the software itself, a couple of features were added due to community requests, and yet more w…

  • Posted berrybrew 1.23 released! to Steve Bertrand

    It's been quite a while in the making, but berrybrew version 1.23 now has the ability to "clone" modules from one Perl instance into another.

    It's currently a two-step process.

    First, berrybrew switch

  • Commented on Pull Request Tracker
    You've done a job that literally nobody else has in the past. I've been fortunate enough to receive your kind work, and for that, I'm very thankful. It's because of you and people like you that will keep Perl going...
  • Commented on Improving coverage with metacpan
    I love this new feature. Absolutely love it. My core dists have 98%+ coverage, and the reason behind not having 100% is due to the fact that I've got a "_vim_placeholder()" type sub that is untested, because it's literally just...
  • Posted Programming the Raspberry Pi with Perl: eBook Released! to Steve Bertrand

    It's finally here! Our Programming the Raspberry Pi eBook has been released!

    You can learn more about it and purchase it here on Leanpub.

    As one person mentioned to me "Finally, a release from the shackles of Raspb…

  • Posted Perl RaspberryPi eBook fundraiser, goal reached! to Steve Bertrand

    Well, thanks to the very generous donations by my kin Perl Hackers, the fundraiser for the Raspberry Pi eBook that Timm set up and I eventually jumped on board for has reached its initial fundraising…

  • Posted Programming the Raspberry Pi with Perl; eBook fundraiser (Update) to Steve Bertrand

    Well, thanks to all the generous donations, we've reached 71% of our initial target at exactly half-way through the campaign!!

    We have decided to set a stretch goal. If we surpass our minimum $2,500 USD and get up to $4,000 USD, we will be adding three new chapters.

    Timm will add o…

  • Posted Programming the Raspberry Pi with Perl; eBook fundraiser to Steve Bertrand

    A few weeks back, it was pointed out to me that Timm Murray was proposing to write an eBook for using Perl on the Raspberry Pi. Due to my extensive work on that platform over the last two-plus years, I had keen interest in the project.

    Timm will be writing the bulk of the content using var…

  • Commented on Pi Day!
    His name is Theodore (Theo). That cabin is my sauna cabin, about 500 metres from my house, and overlooks the lake and boat launch. One day, my wife and I were sitting in chairs having a drink, and we were...
  • Posted Pi Day! to Steve Bertrand

    Yesterday, when I published and wrote a blog about my new RPi::StepperMotor distribution, I didn't even think that the…

  • Posted Controlling a stepper motor with the Raspberry Pi to Steve Bertrand

    I live in an extremely remote part of Northern British Columbia, Canada. It is a minimum of an hour to get to the nearest town. We are exceptionally sparsely populated with a vast amount of land right on the second-largest lake in the province.

    To that end, we have a wild abundance of wild…

  • Posted Easily back up your Github repositories and/or issues to Steve Bertrand

    It's been in the works at the lower-end of my priority list, but after having a bit of a bug-closing weekend, thought I'd tackle getting out an initial release of Github::Backup.

    The cloud is a great thing, until the sun evaporates i…

  • Posted Verifying your distribution's revdeps still work after a change to Steve Bertrand

    In one of my pieces of software, Mock::Sub, I recently found that I wanted to add a new feature, and as always, I wrote a test file for the new work before modifying code. After making the first round of changes, I stumbled upon a previously…

  • Commented on Plan for perldoc 4.0
    Can you please either comment or edit your post to include links to discussions about your perldoc modifications that have or are currently happening?...
  • Posted How the RPi::WiringPi distribution is tested to Steve Bertrand

    So I'm gearing up to write a "Howto Raspberry Pi with Perl" multi-chapter tutorial, and as I finalize a few last things, I thought I'd put together how all of the software is laid out and is continuously tested.

    The RPi::WiringPi distrib…

  • Commented on Challenge: At least one PR a day in a month
    s/overlooking/looking ahead/...
  • Commented on Challenge: At least one PR a day in a month
    As one who has been an appreciative recipient of your PRs, perhaps overlooking a few months at a time, choosing your projects in advance, and slotting out how you can sort the easier PRs from the more difficult ones, and...
  • Posted berrybrew, the Perlbrew for Windows, updated to v1.15 to Steve Bertrand

    I've released berrybrew version 1.15.

    All of the credit for this update goes to PETERCJ who went far above and beyond with this PR. It's a pleasure to have him contributing to this (or any) project.

    The significant change here is …

  • Commented on 1000th consecutive days releasing to CPAN
    Congratulations! As one of the recipients of a few+ of your PRs, thank you very much for your hard work, dedication and commitment!...
  • Posted Reading/writing Arduino pins over I2C with Perl to Steve Bertrand

    Today, loosely inspired by this thread over on Perlmonks, I'm going to show how to set up an Arduino (Uno in this test case) with a pseudo-register that allows toggling one if its digital pins on and off, and another pseudo-register to read an…

  • Commented on berrybrew, the Perlbrew for Windows, updated to v1.13
    I hope you find it useful, Yuki!...
  • Posted berrybrew, the Perlbrew for Windows, updated to v1.13 to Steve Bertrand

    I've released berrybrew version 1.13.

    The most notable change is the addition of the register command, which allows you to copy/move existing Strawberry Perl portable editions from your local/remote system…

  • Commented on Using a controllerless servo on the Raspberry Pi with Perl
    Hi Jarkko, My unit I tested on is an SG90 servo, like this: I've also had two others do some testing while I work on getting the core module updated and reported back stating that it works for other...
  • Posted Using a controllerless servo on the Raspberry Pi with Perl to Steve Bertrand

    I put out a notice not long ago that I was contemplating writing a guide to using the Raspberry PI with Perl.

    One person who pointed out one minor mistake of mine with follow up with some other questions, asked about how to run a servo wi…

  • Commented on List your dist's prereqs where newer versions have become available
    Hi Kent, Thanks for the feedback. The software by default lists only one's own dependencies. Out of ~30 of my CPAN distributions, I believe only two of them aren't 5.8 compliant (due to external dependencies). Also, I have automation software...
  • Posted List your dist's prereqs where newer versions have become available to Steve Bertrand

    I've got quite a few CPAN distributions that require one another, and it's gotten to the point that it's very easy to forget to bump prereq versions before uploading a new release to the CPAN.

    As a stopgap, I wrote

  • Posted Altoids tin Arduino GPS "return to origin" project, thanks to Perl to Steve Bertrand

    Warning! Long read...

    This post contains an Arduino Trinket Pro GPS prototype project that only relates to Perl in that all of my knowledge and experience came from my Raspberry Pi Perl work, along with writing C/XS code for several ICs and sensors and making those available as Perl APIs. …

  • Commented on Reviewing Perl 5 . in @INC at the Perl Toolchain Summit
    "Adam Kennedy owns 220 modules. Many of which are well up river. He is inactive on CPAN but usually very open to sharing his modules for release fixes. Karen will be looking at taking over all of them to do...
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    • Graham Knop commented on Plan for perldoc 4.0

      Sites like MetaCPAN are probably the primary places to show images in pod documents, so MetaCPAN is probably the best place to discuss images in pod. I wrote the current implementation of the's image handling, and I'd be interested in hearing concerns or suggestions. Either drop by the IRC channel ( #metacpan) or file an issue.

    • lichtkind commented on Plan for perldoc 4.0

      Yes Dmitry,

      i discussed that also with Damian and we singled out 4 Perl 6-POD tags, we want to add to the Perl 5 POD standard. This sound like a sixth.
      but I would like to see perldoc up and running first since I can't do all at once. Plus when I'm done with the first two goals my relations with P5p should be that much better to get such proposals through.

    • Matthew Persico commented on Pi Day!

      Just make sure you publish version 3.1415 next March 14th. :-)

    • Ben Bullock commented on Improving coverage with metacpan

      I also think this coverage is a positive development.

    • Mohammad S Anwar commented on Pull Request Tracker

      Thanks Steve for your kind words. It means a lot to me and helps me keep going.

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