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  • Posted My perl 5.21.9 to Sawyer X

    In February I had the pleasure and honor of releasing the latest development version of the Perl 5 language interpreter: 5.21.9. Here are my notes on the work and on the epigraph I've chosen.

  • Posted Dancer2 0.159000 waiting for you on CPAN! to Sawyer X

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a little while since we had a release. We took longer this time because this release provides a few major improvements we wanted to mature.

    With 13 contributors and 23 tickets closed, I'd like to present ="…

  • Posted Web scraping continued to Sawyer X

    I recently gave a talk at about web scraping. I provided a few examples of scraping (most of them on my Github repo), and amongst them, a few relating to the

  • Posted My January's Pull Request Challenge (part 2) to Sawyer X

    In the previous post I discussed my January Pull Request Challenge contribution. It's only part 1 because there's another part: the contributions others made during their PRC which were related to…

  • Posted My January's Pull Request Challenge (part 1) to Sawyer X

    While I was focused on the social aspects of the PR Challenge, such as the IRC channel (opping literally everyone), the guides (wrote several), the repo (plus organization), and lately even a small parser for the web page Neil…

  • Posted Downloading Criminal podcast episodes to Sawyer X

    On my quest for downloading more podcasts, I decided to tackle another podcast I started listening to, Criminal.

    This posed a set of new problems, and I'm going to go over the code for solving it, since I'm actually somewhat proud of it.

  • Posted Downloading Welcome to Night Vale podcast episodes to Sawyer X

    I started getting into podcasts recently and one that I heard mentioned a few times was Welcome to Night Vale. I didn't get to listen to it yet, but decided I'll try it out.

    When I start with a podcast, I want to download the…

  • Posted New Dancer2 release en route to CPAN: 0.158000 to Sawyer X

    A new Dancer2 release is heading to CPAN as we speak.

    Christmas threw us off a bit on timing but we're back on track this week with our weekly Dancer2 release.

  • Posted CPAN Pull Request Challenge - resources available! to Sawyer X

    The CPAN PR Challenge is starting today. Latest polls have settled on 195 participants. People of all shapes and forms with different levels of Perl familiarity, experience, knowledge, and skill. Everyone seems excited and geared…

  • Commented on The 2014 White Camel Awards
    Well deserved by everyone! Way to go! :)...
  • Posted New Dancer2 release already waiting on CPAN: 0.157000 to Sawyer X

    Hey everyone!

    A new version of Dancer2 has been shipped yesterday and is already waiting for you at a mirror nearby!

    It has come to our attention that some people don’t follow public announcements made on mailing lists so I will also be releasing a public announcement on this…

  • Commented on The Silver Camel goes to ... Mark Keating
    Hear, hear!...
  • Commented on YATOP5R (y a thought on Perl roadmap) [rewritten]
    I think you mean "what caused it" and not "what it caused". "What it caused" means "The rant caused Sawyer to start a thread". "What caused it" means "Sawyer's thread lead to this rant". Anyway, I think the fact we're...
  • Commented on Try rakudobrew and play with concurrency
    That's funny, because, as it happens, Dancer was ported to Perl 6 a long while ago. :)...
  • Commented on Are conference speakers compensated
    Who expects YAPC to cover 50 speakers? Also, where's the math from? Speakers are from the US (some local to the city even), Canada, Europe, Asia, Brazil, etc. If you take a look at keynote speakers, some of them actually...
  • Commented on Are conference speakers compensated
    It's quite possible (hell, probable) that I misunderstood brian, but the point I'm making isn't about "dirty secrets" but rather about matching expectations, both as organizers as speakers. Your points, although not contradictory to what I'm saying, are noteworthy and...
  • Posted Are conference speakers compensated to Sawyer X

    Recently brian d foy wrote about compensation for conference speakers. The term "dirty secret" prompted me to write about it as well.

  • Commented on How should conference speakers be compensated?
    I hope I was less than my usual jerk self with it:
  • Commented on How should conference speakers be compensated?
    "Dirty secret"? Really? I was about to write a long comment but maybe I should write a blog post instead....
  • Posted Who's running @PerlUpdate account on Twitter? to Sawyer X

    Does anyone know the answer?

    It's currently just publishing anything that has the word "Perl" in it. You'd be surprised how many people have "Perl" as their last name.

    If you know who the person is behind the account, please contact me, or contact them telling them I would like to …

  • Posted Major Dancer 2 release: 0.140000 to Sawyer X

    (cross-posted from the Dancer users mailing list)

    Hey everyone!

    I just released a new version of Dancer 2. It's a major one. I'd like to share a bit about it.

  • Commented on Let's delete 10,000 files from CPAN
    470 files marked for deletion....
  • Posted hosting a Perl hackathon! to Sawyer X

    At we decided to cook up a special surprise this cold February: we're hosting our first hackathon!

    But since we like surprises, there is one more surprise. We will have a special guest: Stevan Little. Yes, that Stevan Little.

  • Commented on The 2013 White Camels
    Muhaha Wendy and Liz won!...
  • Commented on Moving PPI to GitHub encourages some new activity
    Thank you for doing this....
  • Posted New Dancer 2 release: 0.11 to Sawyer X

    Hi everyone!

    A new version of Dancer 2 has just been uploaded to CPAN: 0.11.

    Before we go over the changes we've had, I'd like to take a moment to welcome Russell Jenkins (veryrusty) as a member of the Dancer core dev team. Russell has done tremendous work on Dancer and provided pa…

  • Commented on What if Perl OO was a Core Feature?
    Toby Inkster gave an excellent answer. This "if OO will be easy and integral, people will force it upon me everywhere, all the time" claim is not just silly, but it's absurd and unfounded. It's actually just FUD. Toby pointed...
  • Posted New Dancer 2 release: 0.08 to Sawyer X

    (this is the email sent to the Dancer users mailing list, updating on recent releases)


    we have just released a new version of Dancer 2: 0.08. While it didn't carry everything we had wanted (one specific change was left for 0.09), we decided it is more important not to delay fe…

  • Posted New Dancer 2 release: 0.07 to Sawyer X

    (this is the email sent to the Dancer users mailing list, updating on recent releases)

    Hey everyone,

    I would like to get back into the habit of letting everyone know what's going on with Dancer. This means keeping you up to date on releases and our plans for the future.

  • Commented on Modules ported to p5-mop
    I wanted to start converting my modules too but got a few issues (including a segfault) in the process of running perl 5.16 using Perlbew. :(...
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