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  • David Mertens commented on Ideas for | an Indian connecting platform

    I think any sort of community building is a wonderful effort, to be commended. Solving a low-density issue is a hard problem, and the internet-based solutions you suggest sound like good ones. I can think of two basic issues you will need to solve.

    First, you must develop a critical mass. This will be difficult if you don't offer much of an incentive to join the group. The three incentives I can think of are (1) mutual support and help, (2) social connection, and (3) free advertising for freelancers. You might be able to think of others. How would your system incentivize folks to joi…

  • Abhishek Jain commented on Ideas for | an Indian connecting platform

    I like the idea of a mailing list, may be coupled with a wiki of profile of users.

    If so which wiki software should i use if not create one?

    I will be back with the mailing email but what wiki should i use.


  • jjolla888 commented on On the relative readability of Perl and Python

    All languages suck. I have only come across one syntax that I mostly like (unfortunately you cant do much with that particular one).

    So Perl v Python arguments centered around syntax are somewhat irrelevant. You will find godawful things in both of them.

    For me, the only things that matter are:

    (i) lots of powerful libraries
    (ii) good documentation
    (iii) helpful communities
    (iv) speed [for some things]

    My main toolkit is made up of Perl, Python, Go, and C.

    Perl nails (i), (ii), and (iii). It is the super-glue that allows me to write small prog…

  • Neil Bowers commented on Can you send 24 pull requests this December?
  • Flavio Poletti commented on A general profile photo that looks in the camera

    That's a good advice... also considering that I see my image is already cached in the PerlWeekly repository/website, so my photo change on Gravatar is of little help probably...

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