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  • Posted YAPC::EU - over 200 participants to Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו

    YAPC::EU Granada has just passed 200 confirmed participants already passing two previous YAPC::EUs and there is still more than a month to go.

    YAPC::NA in Salt Lake City gained mo…

  • Posted Has YAPC::NA 2016 been announced? to Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו

    I don't seem to remember any blog post here or on TPF. Has the location, time or the organizers of YAPC::NA been announced?

  • Posted Web application development course before YAPC::EU to Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו

    Just a reminder that I am running a 2-days long course before YAPC::EU in Granada, Spain.

    In the course I am going to teach web application development using Perl Dancer and MongoDB in the back-end, and AngularJS in the front-end.

    Actually, …

  • Commented on Perl's Death by 1,000 Cuts
    I understand it's very frustrating. My suggestion is to open your own blog. Preferably on your own domain. Even a static blog with Disqus as a commenting system would work. Once you have that and posted an article send a...
  • Posted Bounty for fixing CPAN modules to Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו

    Yesterday I had this idea of creating a site where people and companies could offer bounties for fixing specific bugs in a piece of open source code. Then I ran a search and found Bountysource.
    I wonder, have you or the company where you…

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