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  • Toby Inkster commented on Link to public version control system (GitHub or otherwise)

    A big improvement!

  • Toby Inkster commented on Single-page POD for a distribution

    All versions of Opera prior to version 15 can do split screen.

  • Enkidu commented on Some new MetaCPAN features

    Sorry, I'm missing one module, but not the co-maint one I thought. I'm the owner, but not the original one. I'll send details off-line.

    I took a look at the Perlybook integration for Algorithm::Kmeans on my Nook. At my age, I like to read at the middle size font, which leaves 50 chars on Helvetica and 35 chars fixed-width. The regular text is very easy on the eye, but the code is rendered for a wider screen and the line wrapping is ugly.

    my $clusterer = Algorithm::KMeans->new( datafile        => $datafile…

  • lajandy commented on Some new MetaCPAN features

    EPUB you say? Gotta try that out...

  • Toby Inkster commented on Some new MetaCPAN features

    I really like the new version of the dashboard. Some suggestions:

    • The bug counts could be a link to the issue tracker.
    • Rather than using an "X" is those three centre columns, maybe use "R", "L", and "A". This is because once you've scrolled down the table a little, and the header is out of view, it's difficult to remember what each "X" represents.
    • It would be nice to be able to distinguish between open/new bugs, and stalled ones, because when skimming through the dashboard, looking for dists needing my attention, I can tell which ones have bugs that are not im…
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