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  • Aristotle commented on PRC 2016 - Second Trimester
    And that is why I used "it seems", because I know it is not true.

    Culture gap I guess. “It seems” usually means “from what I can tell”, i.e. a position you are not necessarily sure about but which you conclude based on an observation. If you actually disagree with the impression – if you really mean something like “it gives the false impression” – then you need to explicitly say that. Otherwise most readers will misinterpret you. (I did, too.)

  • Alberto Simões commented on PRC 2016 - Second Trimester

    I see what you mean, thanks Aristotle. Sometimes not easy to know how other will read, mainly when not writing in your own language.

  • preaction commented on Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released

    Toby Inkster is 404, sure. I'm not sure that Type::Tiny is yet abandoned, but nobody has yet started the adoption procedure. It's in a similar limbo to how JSON::PP was/is... That said, if there's a Moo(?:se)?-cabal-approved replacement, I'm willing to go for it.

  • preaction commented on Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released

    I just released 1.005 with an expanded SYNOPSIS and a modified DESCRIPTION to try to clarify how this all works. Does it make a little more sense now?

  • Mithaldu commented on Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released

    Note: BPO doesn't notify commenters of responses to them.

    As for the changes: If i read it in detail i might understand why it does, but what's still lacking is a simple sentence that does not answer the "what" or "how", but the "why", the motivation, the problem you set out to solve and wasn't solved well elsewhere yet. That would give others a motivation to read on and learn about the what and how.

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