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  • Salvador Fandiño commented on On Giving Back

    Hi Alex,

    I really like and applaud your module-of-the-month initiative. I just hope more companies take you as an example and start doing the same!

  • Evy van Gorp commented on - a toxic company for developers

    At first glance seems a professional and decent employer. I can not judge how it is like to work for them. I can only share my experience on the lame way they dealed with my application.

    Briefly: After submitting my motivation and curriculum on a Front End Developer position. The booking portal confirmation page displayed a message reading I would hear from them soon. After more than 3 weeks (which I think is not soon), out of the blue I received a standarized email.

    It said wanted to know me better. To prove my skills and to find out how I would handl…

  • Toby Inkster commented on Grants Committee 2014 first half

    You mean like this one?

  • Makoto Nozaki commented on Grants Committee 2014 first half


    Thank you for putting this together. I assume it's your way to say "information is available for public but it's not in accessible format" (thanks Toby for posting the link).

    For now, I will start working with the "holes" you found in our data in the "General TPF Grant" section.

    FWIW, rjbs has this for the old grants:

  • Manuel Ceron commented on On the relative readability of Perl and Python

    I’m a Python developer but I started coding Perl full time since a little bit more than a year. It’s true that Python has many quirks. That happens with any language that is more than 20 years old. But I think Perl probably has more quirks than Python.

    I think one reason why people think that Python is more readable is because it’s simpler. Both syntax and semantics are simpler. Less operators, less constructs, less ways of doing things. In practice this means that you can understand any Python code after an afternoon. While the same thing for Perl takes years.

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