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  • Aristotle commented on A widespread and broken Perl idiom

    Oh, wow.

    I had to go all the way to

    $_ = [ __FILE__ ] for local *ARGV;

    to make it work in a single statement. Even something like

    *{ \local *ARGV } = [ __FILE__ ];

    wouldn’t work, despite the fact that circumfix deref is effectively a do { } block with a whole separate inner scope (e.g. *{ my $x = 'hi'; local \*ARGV } = [ __FILE__ ]; say $x; is a strict vars violation).

    I don’t think local is that super-intelligent, which means what’s going on must be something like …

  • Dave Cross commented on Progress of grant

    Yes. The current implementation is using a long-unsupported version of Movable Type, with no upgrade path available to us. The site has a number of problems (some annoying and some critical) that we have been unable to fix.

    This is the second project to replace that code with a new implementation based on PearlBee. The project is sponsored by The Perl Foundation and is being worked on by Andre at

  • demerphq commented on Regexp::Assemble - Weekly Travelling in CPAN

    Were you talking to me there?

  • Sebastian Schleussner commented on Regexp::Assemble - Weekly Travelling in CPAN

    I agree with @demerphq! I complemented the benchmark with a case that applies the regexp
    $rx = sprintf qr{^(?:%s)$}, join '|', @roman;
    and ran it on seven different setups, i.a. Perl 5.10.1 on i586, Perl 5.26.1 on x64, and Perl 5.32.1 on armv5el.

    In all the cases, this plain-vanilla precompiled RX was fastest, though by how much, differed: 8–25 times faster than the nail-curlingly slow loop through the array, 18%–60% faster than ::Assemble and ::Trie. Only on the i586 was ::Trie faster (by a hair's breadth 1%!) than ::Assemble.

  • C.-Y. Fung commented on Regexp::Assemble - Weekly Travelling in CPAN

    Dear demerphq and Sebastian,

    Thanks for pointing out the optimization done by the Perl compiler! I will post a corrected performance comparison next week.

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