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  • brian d foy commented on Scalar Context: Lists Versus Arrays

    There's also the perlfaq4 answer to "What is the difference between a list and an array?"

  • lowjoe commented on Integrated Inconsistencies.
    So I then took over Algorithm::Line::Bresenham, and found the original code appeared to take the y-coordinate before the x-coordinate...blasphemy

    And you changed it, breaking everybody's code who was using it, without even a mention in the docs nor changelog (which doesn't even exist). There's a strong tradition in the Perl community to support backwards compatibility. You could have added new functions (e.g. linex, circlex) that use the new argument order, and you wouldn't be inconveniencing users.

  • lowjoe commented on Integrated Inconsistencies.

    (The first paragraph of my previous reply was supposed to blockquoted, but guess my html tags weren't applied)

  • Aristotle commented on Integrated Inconsistencies.
    guess my html tags weren't applied

    They were, but you used <quote> (which isn’t a thing, and which the tag filter therefore doesn’t permit) rather than <blockquote>. I’ve fixed that for you.

  • Saif commented on Integrated Inconsistencies.

    I did change the code, so it looks better (i.e. x come before the y) , output is not changed, and it will work either way. The output points' x-y order will match the the points input, so old code do not need to be altered. Secondly I have checked whether any one else uses it: according to the original author whom I have been in contact with, it is esoteric enough that nobody else uses it. But I agree I should have mentioned it in the pod. will do so in the next iteration.

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