the mental monitor box and the guys in the last row

On my "how much you can handle"-tour I gave my talk about Perl 6 array and hashes thrice. Third time masak and jnthn were in (the last row as any troublemaker in school) the audience and spottet some serious errors (I think it was an former rakudo bug). but its fixed and uploaded now. ( Arrays as in [] will not flattened inside a signature and so the number of elements in @_ on the last question in round 1 is 4.) I also did some changes in the tablets as a result. (re metaop "%" and "%%" introduced and "**" fixed in index A and B). Have to start the grant nonetheless.

But I think, the main result i got from this years workshops is, that I'm self-assured to pull out even a huge number of talks so i want to go next year more into quality. that includes of course start earlier and practice more often (which i got even from the audience *selfblame*). but most importantly it is to split your brain and empathize to be one of your audience. You have to simulate your talks in your head and practice at least 5 times like Damian said. And maybe also get 5 times the content to carve out the most interesting.

Thats why I submitted just 2 talks to next German Perl workshop and will also do just 1 or 2 for Frankfurt (no entirely new topics this time, even I was partially successful to fake competence). And I think I want to go to London next year too.

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