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  • Commented on On the awesomeness of the Perl community v2 (201406)
    I am both your friend and foe and look forward to pestering you with some beer and/or whisky....
  • Posted Marketing for Perl is easy because Perl is awesome to Wendy

    Liz and I were awarded the White Camel Award last year and are very proud of that. Thank you all. Too much honor, and I feel a bit silly now. No modules on CPAN, not a member of any Perl-organisation, not a single line of code written in the past 9 years, and mainly being silly and loud.

  • Commented on 1 meet up short summary and pictures.
    Congrats on the success of the meeting. The pictures are very nice. Those buttons and stickers and the camel look very very familiar (proud here!). Wish you have many more interesting meetings! Greetz, Wendy...
  • Commented on 1. Czech Perl Workshop
    lichtkind, Thank you for a nice report. Indeed, Richard and Martina organised an excellend workshop. The speakers were very nice (as far as we non-Czech people could understand them, since a lot was done in Czech). The venue was also...
  • Commented on Damage control is not quality assurance
    Using a hotel is a great idea. Certainly when it is within the budget. But remember, even when you let the hotel take care of breakfast, lunch, dinner and inbetween snacks (ow budget again), they might not accomodate for all...
  • Posted Perl at Fosdem - 1 & 2 February 2014 in Brussels to Wendy

    Perl will be big at Fosdem in Brussels with a big booth on both days of Fosdem and a devroom on the first day, Saturday 1 February. At the booth you will find a lot of interesting stuff, like the largest library of Perl-books in the world, the big stuffed toy camel, Tuits, buttons, books,…

  • Commented on Is Perl really short of newbies?
    In 2013, my partner Liz and I went to 18 Perl events and we have seen dozens and dozens of newbies. Quite often, one of the organisers asks the attendees: "please raise your hand if this is the first Perl-event...
  • Commented on The 2013 White Camels
    **Blush** Thanks!...
  • Commented on The 2013 White Camels
    Liz and Wendy are honoured but still think they did not do enough Perl to deserve this award. But thank you very much. And Wendy says sorry for all the cheating....
  • Commented on Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (3a/4)
    Work on the achievements page has been extensive by now. Nice to see that many people worked on this already and even nicer to see that it is this much...
  • Posted Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (3a/4) to Wendy

    The end of the Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster was as busy as it started. My drive to Manchester Airport with 3 hackers was enjoyable. I dropped two of them of at the airport and the third one at a lovely small hotel/b&b near the airport. The drive back was filled with Sevendust, rather loud,…

  • Commented on Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (2)
    Excellent idea to do that again. But I am sure it would be nice if there was a easy to use tool that more people than just the CPAN-specialists would be able to use, and if some things would be...
  • Posted Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (3) to Wendy

    The QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster went today into its last day. Still busy, bustling with energy, concentration, typing.

    First thing to do was bring somebody back to the hotel because he forgot a bag, and bring him back to the university. Ah well, nice car trip.

    This morning I fin…

  • Commented on Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (2)
    The proposal was to delete CPAN distributions that are older than 5 years and that are not the latest version of the module and that are not updated for many years and so on. And if so, under which conditions,...
  • Posted Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (2) to Wendy

    Saturday 13 april 2013

    Well, not all. This mor…

  • Posted Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy to Wendy

    Friday 12 april

    Impressive number of goals by the…

  • Commented on Names and Numbers, Brand and Identity
    MST awesome as always. Check. Diffusing the situation. Check. New name for Perl 5, Pumpking Perl. Check. Color: orange. Check. New things to throw at mst at end of his talks: pumpkins (the stuffed toy types). Check. Name for Perl...
  • Commented on Perl 7 - Final Thoughts
    Sigh of relief... Thanks for this article. I really hope people are going to pay more attention to the accomplishments of the Perl 6 development team....
  • Commented on Perl 7
    Perl 6 already has Rakudo with a monthly release cycle with year and month in the name. At the moment we can all work with Rakudo Star 2013.01 and work is being done on 2013.02. Renaming Perl 5.20 to Perl...
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  • Neil Bowers commented on Damage control is not quality assurance

    Another suggestion for next time. At the start when doing the stand-up introductions, have people mention what they do for their job / where they work. This can be handy for knowing who to ping on things, and might prevent embarrassment for n00bs (like me :-)

  • Pattawan Kaewduangdee commented on 1 meet up short summary and pictures.

    Karl also mentioned you in the talk. Nice to know you Wendy and thank you so much for all the goodies. It's really nice :)

  • Martina Pestova commented on 1. Czech Perl Workshop

    As one of the organizers I would like to thank you for your news and comments on CZPW 2014. We do hope that the next year we will be able to do even more, if any more potential sponsors and volunteers decide on joining our organizing team.
    Martina Pestova
    Marketing&Sales at PetaMem

  • Steven Haryanto commented on 1 meet up short summary and pictures.

    Congrats. Btw, is jealous :) (having never managed to organize a successful meetup during its existence).

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on 1 meet up short summary and pictures.

    Steven: You could start with social meetings, like most of meetings. This helps to build a community by building on friendship. Discussions about Perl will come informally. But still, having a summary of the event (list of subjects discussed, even if not directly related to Perl) publicly available, may help to bring interest to more people.

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