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  • zaki commented on So I Guess I'm Back

    Yay! Glad to see you around again!

  • Dmitry Karasik commented on Plan for perldoc 4.0

    I would be very interested in adding image support in pod. Distributions that are relying on including images in their documentations not only are forced to jump through hoops to have them correctly displayed, but also cpan/metacpan implementations of the said hoops change once in a while, destroying the efforts.

    I'd like to contribute to the discussion, if there's a forum for it.


  • Graham Knop commented on Plan for perldoc 4.0

    Sites like MetaCPAN are probably the primary places to show images in pod documents, so MetaCPAN is probably the best place to discuss images in pod. I wrote the current implementation of the's image handling, and I'd be interested in hearing concerns or suggestions. Either drop by the IRC channel ( #metacpan) or file an issue.

  • KES commented on Don't use until, unless...

    I will agree with you that unnecessary negation is bad. But I will not agree that `unless` keyword usage is complex.

    You should just use it in right place. By `unless` you should mark code which SHOULD NOT RUN in usual case.


    sub process {
    my( $self ) = @_;

    return unless $self->is_valid; # Read this code as: $self should be valid

    my $result = ...;

    return $result;

    Look next examples where I use `unless` with success (And I think code with `unless` here is clear in compare to usual `if`):


  • Randal L. Schwartz commented on Don't use until, unless...

    Just really avoid "unless... else". That's... just.... wrong.

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