Austin Perl Mongers Hackathon Planning - Part 1

Exciting news from Austin, TX!

The Austin Perl Mongers are launching our very first full Hackathon. It is scheduled for late April, on two weekends, Saturday 20th and 27th. Our goal is to create a Perl class for teenagers. We will achieve this at the Hackathon by upgrading the CloudForFree platform, adding graphics, and a live development feature. The students will be able to see the result of their coding, as they write their code! It can make the learning of programming more accessible to teenagers, and it introduces them to Perl.

The project managers for this Hackathon…

RPerl and the Google Summer of Code

The next Google Summer of Code has been launched, and The Perl Foundation is part of it! Several Perl 5 and Perl 6 projects are available for computer software students to join. Among those, RPerl is present, under the title "Perl 5 RPerl: Built-In Operators". Will the Chill will be the lead mentor for this project. All the details are available here:

Also, here is The Perl Foundation page on GSoC:

RPerl in Brussels

As previously announced, Team RPerl was in Brussels for FOSDEM, one of the (if not the) world's largest open source computer conferences. RPerl creator Will 'the Chill' Braswell was one of the two Perl programmers invited as a main track speaker, along with Andrew Shitov, whose talk was about Perl 6 as a tool for language compilers.

It was my first FOSDEM, and the event was quite spectacular. It takes place at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and is spread over several buildings full of stands, conference rooms, and dev rooms, all packed. At the Perl booth, Wendy and Liz were busy …


Exciting news!

Team RPerl will be in Brussels, Belgium two weeks from now for FOSDEM 2019, the largest open source computer conference in Europe (and possibly the world). We will be present the whole weekend, helping out at the Perl booth and promoting the RPerl compiler.

Also, RPerl founder Will Braswell is scheduled as one of the main track FOSDEM speakers, on Sunday February 3rd at 2pm. His topic will be Perl 11, a philosophy that promotes Perl projects aiming to re-unify Perl 5 and Perl 6. RPerl is one such project, and there are several others as well.

You can …

RPerl at the Austin Perl Mongers Christmas Party

The last event of 2018 for Team RPerl was the Christmas Party. Our beloved President (AKA "Prez"), Will the Chill, gathered all of us for pizza and Perl projects.

Throughout the evening, we discussed the possibilities for us to develop the use of Perl, promote Perl jobs and Perl projects in the Austin area.

Our main ideas include:
- Hosting Hackathons for Perl projects
- Inviting a guest speaker once a year
- Teaching free Perl classes

Among our members present that evening was Jim Choate, one of the three original founders, along…