Perl QA Hackathon 2015

yeah me too ....

Or lets call it insights from an imposterer. I just came because I like the people and I could visit my brother and maybe Berlin art galleries. (which I did). I knew the place because German Perl Workshop two years ago was here too. So i could show people the way to the pub when they left work from day one I just came from train station and could immediately say hai to ingy - perfect.

Dear Lazyblog

Greetings Perl community,

i will give in a week a Talk about Perl - at a German Linux Conference. It will be part technical but in part also giving the people a realistic insight into our community. Slides will be as always on and slideshare.

So but the reason i tell you this now is because i want to make sure i don't miss the major recent trends. So if you have this cool Perl project / tool / module/ API which is not that often talked about but should - please let me…

What is the Perl community?

After my last rant about the p5 roadmap I wanted get technical again, but ... this last post about a link collection brought me back.:

YATOP5R (y a thought on Perl roadmap) [rewritten]

You propably seen that rant as well as what caused it. I'm neither core dev nore have 20 Modules on CPAN, but I have talked to lot of people online and in person over the years.

programming from brain perspective

As I talked during YAPC::EU with fellow Perl 6 fanboy mäsak about his (GOTO considered awesome) and mine (Perl 6 operators) recent talk I just summarized something I said and something he said and its just one little thought you might find nice too: Because normally as programmers we see it as as best practice from engineering point and so called best practices to have small manageable units (blocks, sub's classes,) and link them together as loosely as possible.