Kephra XP ded prototype works

Mark eting may prefer vampires, but here's a different why Kephra keeps evolving, for all that are interested in dev tools, written in Perl. Oh , btw, it go ready on CPAN day - mere coincidence. :)

1. Czech Perl Workshop

As you would expect, it was great on 20.,21. May, so why talk further?

More than a life sign

Cheers Perl community - I'm not dead :), no currently I partially study music and delve into instruments, - more precisely I'm building synthesizers with NI Reaktor.

Kephra, GCL, Tablets, state of my Perl projects Part 2

Good morning, this will be about GCL (my attempt to make WxPerl programming fun) and I want alsohear from you if its allright to talk about that at this stage of development on Perl Workshop (one month to go so a lot will change).

Kephra, GCL, Tablets, state of my Perl projects Part 1

Cheerio, in case you missed me, started to study again (compunter science and music) so had almost none time for Perl. Even worse, I was forced to learn and write Java. My complaint on international human rights court is pending. But now are holidays, time to prepare exams and .. to reflect about my open source activities.