Perl talk at Linuxtag Chemnitz

Its on the 12.03.2017 12:00 in Room V5 and by ... me (you guessed it). It will have a small Perl 5 section handling 5.24 and 5.22 (since i've gone full P6 last year). Ant to not repeat myself i want to go more practical with Perl 6 this time. some nice alorythms and useful modules - answering: what can I do with Perl 6 today.

backseat YAPC::EU

Cluj was my ninth YAPC and it was different for me in many ways. Please read this especially if you never been to a YAPC.

Hello Dzone

Since the Perl Magazine sadly had to close i didn't wrote as many Perl articles anymore. Because I miss it sometimes I recently agreed to write for DZone. Its a Java- centric site with many light weight pieces. I read it myself, since you can find interesting stuff here and there.

But why I'm writing this here? In order to publish, it has to be transported from your blog. And since I don't own another blog and the Perl 6, Perl 5 and software engineering stuff I want to write about fits here nicely : I will use th…


As many of us I often try to achieve more than possible. To combat that its very useful to combine seemingly unrelated efforts and use synergies. Out of such thoughts came the idea for that Module (not yet on CPAN).

Perl QA Hackathon 2015

yeah me too ....

Or lets call it insights from an imposterer. I just came because I like the people and I could visit my brother and maybe Berlin art galleries. (which I did). I knew the place because German Perl Workshop two years ago was here too. So i could show people the way to the pub when they left work from day one I just came from train station and could immediately say hai to ingy - perfect.