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A New Perl Tut Is Already Growing

Allright so there is a discussion in the community about the bitrot in Perl tutorials.

It will be (later version) named "learning programming with Perl". Its a bit of learning the basics but also learning good style (DRY, good variable names, strict, testing all the shebang but little by little and not all from the start). It also covers more tha…

Document Driven Development

Maybe the most ibnteresting talk I held this season was about this DDD. This is just a sneak preview since I give it once more in Vienna and my concept will be much better after it. Then i will publish here entirely.

I borrowed the term a bit from the django-guys, even Al Iho (the a in awk) tought 20 years ago this way. (thanks cromatic to bring this to my attention). it solves several issues documentation and test driven development face (if your honest). And I don't think it eats up any exra …

the "how much you can handle?"-tour 2011

Yes lichtkind moves around the continent. Dates are 16-18 Aug in Riga, 8-9 Okt Turin, 19-21 Okt Frankfurt and 4-5 Nov in Vienna and Bratislava. Which stands out for me is that I will have given then at least 11 talks (4 different) + 3 lighting (always the same) spanning 5 1/4 hours. I really wanted know where are my limits and how far my skills in talk preparation go.

And as a surprise I found, start very early with you preparation. I mean by that that you can still hack together your slides or storyline quickly together. that is fine. But start you research, your search for sources, …

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