• Commented on Starting to use File::ShareDir
    The right thing to do here is use Test::File::ShareDir from your tests, which does the right thing with your @INC so the local share directory can be found: ``` use Test::File::ShareDir -share => { -dist => { 'My-Dist-Name' => 'share'...
  • Commented on Time to Put my Thinking Moose Cap On
    Why not use DBIx::Class to manage all your database access (including autogeneration of queries) rather than building them manually?...
  • Commented on Dist::Zilla Likes Toys
    The test itself only uses core modules. (The comma is important!) Therefore it adds no extra dependencies to your distribution. It doesn't matter what dependencies your own module has....
  • Commented on Dist::Zilla Likes Toys
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Compile has nothing to do with "core" perl. How did you get that idea?...
  • Commented on The 2016 P5P Hackathon
    This is great news! Is there an ACT site set up for this event yet? I'd love to add some items to a wiki page for project ideas, and see who is planning to attend....
  • Commented on A recap for CPAN day
    Congratulations, and happy belated CPAN Day!...
  • Commented on Teach Makefile.PL to use cpanm
    Can you clarify what you mean by "I would rather not get them all over the place"? What is wrong with simply installing these dependencies into the normal perl environment? Presumably you are developing a module you plan to use,...
  • Commented on Please delete old releases from your CPAN directory
    This is the script I use, which fixes a few bugs in rjbs's original:
  • Commented on Missing Smart Match
    Also note that the 'any', 'all', 'notall', and 'none' interfaces are now in List::Util, which is shipped with core perl. (You should depend on version 1.33 to ensure you get an upgraded version on earlier perls that shipped an older...
  • Commented on Missing Smart Match
    Numeric comparison is done not because "1welp" looks like a number (it doesn't), but because 1 *is* a number, and therefore this rule is followed in the smartmatch dispatch table: Left Right Description and pseudocode =============================================================== Any Num numeric equality...
  • Commented on Check your licences: The FSF has a new physical address
    Looks like it has changed a few times:
  • Commented on Test2/Test::Builder Update from the QAH
    It's too bad you chose not to attend this year. We actually had quite a lengthy discussion and debate about the different paths forward, and I think the final decision does accurately reflect all the concerns that were raised and...
  • Posted It's Earth Day - time to clean up CPAN! to Ether

    Happy Earth Day 2016!

    Fortuitiously, Earth Day this year falls during the QA Hackathon in Rugby, UK. Earth Day is a great time to clean up old distributions in one's CPAN directory, to save s…

  • Commented on A Date with CPAN: And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor
    > It actually already is on CPAN I think preaction was referring to the tester analysis tool. But the reason why metacpan isn't showing your distribution is because it's not in the index. Why/how it didn't get indexed should be...
  • Commented on Private Moose Attributes
    I don't yet have type safety It looks like the only type checking you're missing is of the request object itself (the regular constructor takes care of the rest), and that's easily remedied: use Safe::Isa; my $request = ......
  • Commented on Private Moose Attributes
    I don't get it. You say "I don't want to take the chance that devs casually call private methods for information they should not have", but you just wrote a method that opens up every attribute to casual inspection. The...
  • Commented on Upping minimum version for Devel::Cover
    I cannot argue with your difficulties in installing 5.6 to test with (I have a 5.6.2 install that *kind of* works, but it is awkward to use and impossible to submit cpan test reports from, so its use to me...
  • Posted It's CPAN Day 2016-0.5! to Ether

    It's halfway to CPAN Day 2016, so I'm going to be celebrating it as a mini-CPAN Day and using it as an opportunity to get some small releases out that otherwise might not justify a release on their own,…

  • Commented on Social Media Meta Tags
    Please could you edit your post so that most of it lies "below the fold"? There are two sections in the edit window that let you write the preamble and then the rest. thanks!...
  • Commented on MVC with Dancer2 and DBIC: Form Validation
    Please could you edit your post so that most of it lies "below the fold"? There are two sections in the edit window that let you write the preamble and then the rest. thanks!...
  • Commented on 100+ Modules for Adoption! (Bit Rot Thursday)
    Given I somehow ended up with permissions for Acme::CPANAuthors::German, it seems only right that I take on ::Canadian, I think? :)...
  • Commented on A Date with CPAN, Part 6: Time Won't Give Me Time
    > if two consecutive zero-length tokens need to match, they must both match at the same point? Consecutive tokens should match consecutively, it seems to me, regardless of their length If they are zero-length, then "at the same point" is...
  • Commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2
    Did he ever bother reporting these “vulnerabilities” to bugzilla first, I wonder? If not, then he’s not practicing responsible disclosure, and no conference should be sanctioning that behaviour (even setting aside all other aspects of his talk)....
  • Commented on Perl 5 Optimizing Compiler, Part 15: RPerl v1.2 Kickstarter Now Live
    How does this overlap with the TPF grant requests? are they they same project?
  • Commented on Travis-CI and latest version of Perl 5
    "latest stable" would be really handy, but my primary usecase would be "test on all major perl versions between X and Y", usually from 5.6 or 5.8 up to latest stable (5.22), as well as blead (but the latest 5.23.x...
  • Commented on File::Slurp is broken and wrong
    backlink to the reddit discussion:
  • Commented on My CPAN Cleaning, Day 2457023.500000
    Can you clarify how you uploaded dists into the ADOPTME user? I'm not sure how that can be accomplished, since the user-specific directory in which the upload arrives is controlled by username+password. [I can't believe I've kept this tab open...
  • Posted Add a LICENSE file to your distribution - it's easy! to Ether

    Every distribution should have a LICENSE file, that corresponds to the licensing information contained in your Makefile.PL.

    You can create this file from the command line by installing App::Software::License - e.g. ="…

  • Commented on Perl's Death by 1,000 Cuts
    test test test......
  • Commented on Testing HTTP client code with Plack
    Cool! You can also use Test::LWP::UserAgent to mock a server that can return arbitrary responses, so you can test how your client handles the weird edge case errors....
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  • kd commented on Time to Put my Thinking Moose Cap On

    Or if you don't want to go down the whole DBIx::Class rabbit hole, SQL::Abstract is nice too (it's what dbic uses to generate queries)

  • byterock commented on Time to Put my Thinking Moose Cap On

    The hole point of this can be summed up in this post

  • byterock commented on Time to Put my Thinking Moose Cap On

    The SQL is only one part of it. The other is to generation Mongo queries as well on the fly.

    I suppose I could use SQL::Abstract to generate the SQL I would have to white some sort of transmogifier code to go from the Database::Accessor abstration to the SQL::Abstract version.

    Just as much code me thinks.

  • Astara (aka, Linda Walsh) commented on Mark your modules as adoptable if you don't want them

    "Sometimes that happens with URLs in sentences": it does. If I'm embedding a link near punctuation, I try to make sure to put a space or such after the URL and then test it. If I'm going through the time to leave a link for users, I _try_ to make sure they can use it.

    Better is increased smarts in the link-in-sentence parsing of the platform you are writing on. It will be hard to get it perfect, but noting that very few URL's end with a period might lend a content parser to break before a period by default, resorting to methods like quoting (by the author) as a last resort.

  • Astara (aka, Linda Walsh) commented on Mark your modules as adoptable if you don't want them

    Postscript: When I first tried to submit the above, I got:

    Comment Submission Error
    Your comment submission failed for the following reaons:
    Your session has expired. Please sign in again to comment.
    Return to the _original entry_.

    I thought, huh? Tried to hit BACK and got:
    This document is no longer available (OK)

    Then I tried the link "_original entry_".

    Gave me the same error.

    Fortunately my browser has an added extension
    "TextArea Cache", which allows me to recover almost any text on any window that's been timed ou…

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