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  • About: Dancer developer, pilot, and hockey player.
  • Commented on Announcing Dancer Core Team Changes
    Thank you, that's great. Looking forward to seeing the PR!...
  • Commented on Announcing Dancer Core Team Changes
    I love to hear that! You know, we don't have any uwsgi guides in Dancer2::Deployment. We have a big release coming up, would you be interested in contributing a sample config for that? Thank you!...
  • Posted Announcing Dancer Core Team Changes to Jason A. Crome

    We’re excited to announce that Ruth Holloway (GeekRuthie) has joined the Dancer Core Team.

    Ruth is a longtime user of Dancer2, and has been one of our most vocal supporters in the greater Perl community. She’s responsible for a number of excellent additions to the Dancer2 ecosystem, an…

  • Posted New Dancer, Dancer2 plus Ecosystem Updates to Jason A. Crome

    Welcome to 2023 (just a little bit late)! We've put together a number of long overdue updates for Dancer, Dancer2, and other parts of the ecosystem.

    Dancer2 version 0.400001:

     [ BUG FIXES ]
    * PR #1247: Fix edge case in plugin compat (Sawyer X)
    * GH #162…
  • Posted Dancer2 0.400000 Released to Jason A. Crome

    Dancer2 0.400000 has been released, and is on its way to CPAN.

    We realize that some of you might be curious as to the large version bump. There are a couple of reasons for this: - Modules we depend on bumped their minimum Perl version to 5.12, requiring us to follow suit. - As of 2022, Da…

  • Commented on Draft: Dancer2 Deprecation Policy
    Probably, yes. Fixed....
  • Posted Draft: Dancer2 Deprecation Policy to Jason A. Crome

    Hello fellow Dancers!

    I have posted a draft deprecation policy for the Dancer2 code base for public review.

    The Dancer Core Team has done our best to look at this every which way and cover all potential issues and use …

  • Posted Dancer2 0.301004 Released to Jason A. Crome

    On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I'd like to announce the availability of Dancer2 0.301004. This is a maintenance release with two bug fixes only: one corrects an omission from the tutorial, and the other adds a missing dependency to Dancer2's cpanfile.

    You can read the complete [changel…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.301003 Released to Jason A. Crome

    On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I'd like to announce the availability of Dancer2 0.301003. While there are a number of bug fixes and documentation improvements in this release, there are two new features that I'd like to point out:

    • Git support from the CLI: Whe…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.301002 Released to Jason A. Crome

    On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I'd like to announce the availability documentation changes along with several bugfixes. The most notable enhancement is a brand new command line interface, and I highly encourage you to chec…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.301000 Released to Jason A. Crome

    On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, version 0.301000 is now available. This is not the release we envisioned; it is missing some things we'd like to have finished, but it does have a couple of new things worth pointing out:

    • A new keyword, request_data,…
  • Posted Dancer2 0.300005 Released to Jason A. Crome

    Well, it’s been a hot minute since the last release, hasn’t it? Dancer2 0.300005 has landed on CPAN and features a number of bug fixes, enhancements, and doc patches:

    0.300005  2021-01-26 15:57:41-05:00 America/New_York
    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * GH #1546: Add…
  • Posted The Twelve Days of Dancer, 2020 Edition to Jason A. Crome

    Need some joy this holiday season? Head over to the Dancer Advent Calendar for this year's Twelve Days of Dancer. With a little help from our friends, we've put together a 12-day mini advent calendar featuring some great software built in Dancer, some…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.300004 Released to Jason A. Crome

    The Dancer Core Team would like to announce the availability of Dancer2

    • Session cookies can be restricted to a first-party or same-site context

    • There were a number of spots where Dancer2 would…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.300001 Released to Jason A. Crome

    On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I’d like to announce the availability of Dancer2 0.300001. This maintenance release brings brings a revamped tutorial, fixing of a YAML-related regression, repair of an encoding bug, and a slew of documentation fixes.

    The full changelog is as follows:…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.300000 released to Jason A. Crome

    The Dancer Core Team has one more holiday treat in store for you: Dancer2 0.300000 is headed to CPAN, and it's a good one: Dancer now offers typed route parameters!

    To be clear, all of the existing route syntax is unaffected. You don't have to use types, and typed parameters might not be g…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.208002 to Jason A. Crome

    Your gift is arriving just a bit early this year: a new Dancer2 just in time for the holidays!

    There are a number of documentation fixes and enhancements in this version. The largest change you will see under the hood removes Return::MultiLevel (and therefore Scope::Upper) from the list of…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.208001 Released to Jason A. Crome

    The Dancer Core Team just released a minor update, which is on its way to your favorite CPAN mirror now. The fixes include:

    • GH #1515: Add Types::Standard to cpanfile (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins)
    • GH #1513: Fix Dancer2::Test typo (Utkarsh Gupta)

    Keep on Dancing!…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.208000 released to Jason A. Crome

    On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I would like to announce the release of prepare_app, and features a small handful of bug and documentation fixes.

    We have found a growing number of instances where not having th…

  • Posted It's the Twelve Days of Dancer! to Jason A. Crome

    (apologies for not posting this sooner)

    It's the Twelve Days of Dancer! This year, we have opted for a mini-advent calendar rather than a full 24 articles. This year's calendar has a lot to offer, including (*hint*) some crossover articles with another framework. ="http://advent.per…

  • Posted Charlotte Perl Mongers meet-and-greet to Jason A. Crome

    If you're a Perl developer in the Charlotte, NC area, come to the first social event for the Charlotte Perl Mongers! For more details, or to RSVP, check us out on Meetup.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Posted Dancer2 0.207000 released to Jason A. Crome

    The latest version of Dancer2 is out the door, and it is chock full of changes! A few new features worth noting include:

    • send_as() now allows you to easily send plain text content (in addition to JSON and other formats (Steve Dondley)
    • Mutable serialization with custom mappin…
  • Posted New Dancer::Plugin::reCAPTCHA released to Jason A. Crome

    After a long, long time, Dancer::Plugin::reCAPTCHA has been updated. Most important in this release is that it now supports reCAPTCHA v2. Earlier versions only supported the v1 API, which is no longer usable. This required some minor changes to the module's API. Please see the POD for…

  • Posted Dancer2::Session::CHI released to Jason A. Crome

    I added a new session storage backend for Dancer2 today. Dancer2::Session::CHI is on its way to your local CPAN mirror. If you are currently using CHI in your Dancer2 applications, this will let you use CHI as your backing datastore for storage data. Please see the pod for details.


  • Commented on 2018 Dancer Advent Calendar
    Thank you! Please ping me on IRC (cromedome). I am putting together an email list for those working on the articles. Essentially, write an article, send it to us, we will add it to the advent calendar github repo, at...
  • Posted 2018 Dancer Advent Calendar to Jason A. Crome

    On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I am trying to get a 2018 Dancer Advent Calendar organized, and we would like your help and input!

    How can you help? It's simple! Are there articles covering some specific area of Dancer or its ecosystem that you would like to know more about? Just reply …

  • Posted Dancer2::Logger::Log4perl released to Jason A. Crome

    We’ve been missing a Log4perl plugin for Dancer2 for, well, forever, and this weekend I have released Dancer2::Logger::Log4perl.

    This was originally developed by Ryan Larscheidt and Jon Miner at the University of Wisconsin. I have added a minimal test, a little pod, and wrapped a release…

  • Posted New Dancer trial version released to Jason A. Crome

    David Precious has just released a new trial version of Dancer. There are some rather significant changes under the hood, and…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.206000 released, addresses potential security issues to Jason A. Crome

    Dancer2 0.206000 has been released, and it is recommended that all users of Dancer2 should upgrade as soon as it is feasible to address several potential security issues:

    • There is a potential RCE with regards to Storable. We have added session ID validation to the session engine s…

  • Posted Dancer2 0.206000_02 Trial Released to Jason A. Crome

    This is a quick update to yesterday's Dancer2 release to fix a couple of minor issues reported by the community. Please see the Changes file for details.

    Thank you for the swift feedback! We are targeting an official release on or before April 20th.

    Keep Dancing!

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