• Commented on CPAN RT overrun by spam
    Hi Ron, Looks like Captcha-reCaptcha has the most in my inbox....
  • Posted CPAN RT overrun by spam to Phred

    Is anyone else seeing this? I'm guessing these tickets are being created by email?

  • Posted users being phished to Phred

    I've received a number of 'Verify the email address associated with your Apple ID' emails in the past week targeted at phishing my Apple ID. Upon further examination, the list of email addresses in the to: line (yeah these guys are slick!) corresponds to a subset of the email addressed stolen…

  • Commented on A new or die trying
    This post was worth reading just for the memes. Well done sir....
  • Posted Latest CPAN activity to Phred

    I've had a somewhat productive week releasing updates to some of the modules I maintain.

    SOAP::Lite had 2 releases this week:

    1.08 November 8, 2013
    ! #15703 add no_index for examples to prevent CPAN pollution …

  • Posted SOAP::Lite 1.06 to Phred

    The 1.0 branch of SOAP::Lite has mostly stabilized with this latest release. Changes include 2 small bugfixes.

    Thanks to the contributors who have been giving great feedb…

  • Commented on SOAP::Lite 1.0 is out
    I've replaced the sourceforge links in the README to point to Github - hope that helps. I'll ask Martin or Byrne about pointing the sourceforge page after I have a few more months under my belt as the maintainer (should...
  • Posted SOAP::Lite 1.0 is out to Phred

    SOAP::Lite rides again! I've made some fairly big changes to the interactive build file, as well as fixed several issues. Chances are I may have broke something, but if so please let me know an I'll get a fix out. 1.01 is due out tonight as a matter of fact.

    1.0 July 16, 2013
    ! #…

  • Posted The state of SOAP::Lite - here comes 1.0 to Phred

    I'm about to do something. I'm going to release SOAP::Lite 1.0. And it may break on your implementation. But it may also just work. I've been struggling with how to approach refactoring the monster Makefile.PL, so I've decided to gut it and replace it with something simple. The test suite is…

  • Commented on Office Hours For Pinto: MWF from 16:00 to 18:00 (UTC)
    So that's 8-10 am PST?...
  • Posted Counting the number of statements in a Perl codebase to Phred

    I'm looking for ways to count the number of statements (or lines) in a Perl codebase. Any tools out there that do it?

  • Commented on SOAP::Lite 0.716 released
    Thanks for the spot Ether. I've been busy yak shaving. 0.717 should be out in the next week with that. Although I said that last week......
  • Posted SOAP::Lite 0.716 released to Phred

    I'm happy to announce the release of SOAP::Lite 0.716. Thanks to all the many contributors! Coming to a CPAN mirror near you!

    0.716 May 10, 2013
    ! #17275 Client unable to detect fatal SOAP failure (e.g. unable to connect to host)
    ! #81471 Force array context for correct…

  • Posted mod_perl 2.0.8 has been released to Phred

    I'm pleased to announce that mod_perl 2.0.8 is coming to a CPAN mirror near you, as well as the following Apache project website links (note that the links may take a few hours to propagate to the mirrors).

    Thanks to all the contributors on this version!


  • Commented on Installing all CPAN modules
    @briandfoy I have to work on a dev server sometimes where we have to file tickets to get CPAN modules installed. I figured I'd just file one ticket to get all of them installed :)...
  • Posted Installing all CPAN modules to Phred

    Is there a bundle out there of all CPAN modules? I'm looking to install every single module on CPAN onto a machine.

  • Commented on Job postings on
    We do not have hard and fast rules for cases that fall outside these clear buckets. Use your judgement; above all, don’t be annoying. There are likely annoying blog posts on this site which are non job related (probably at...
  • Commented on When Perl is not applicable
    I concur, only do *massive* data aggregation in SQL and Perl ;)
  • Posted mod_perl 2.0.7 released with Perl 5.16 compatibility to Phred

    I'm pleased to announce the release of mod_perl 2.0.7, available at
    shortly, as well as

    This release of mod_perl contains an update for perl 5.16, see the
    change log below. Thanks to t…

  • Commented on Hidden unhelpful reviews on
    Thanks for all the feedback, I was able to login and see the 'unhelpful' reviews, one of which was helpful to my needs....
  • Posted Hidden unhelpful reviews on to Phred

    I noticed that on the module review pages linked from and that 'unhelpful' reviews are inaccessible. The text is contained in a div as such:

    div data-dist="module_name" id="show_unhelpful">

    3 hidden unhelpful reviews


  • Posted mod_perl 2.0.6 released to Phred

    Last week mod_perl 2.0.6 was released. You can download it here -

    Thanks to the many contributors to this release. Below is a summary of changes.

    2.0.6 April 24, 2012


  • Commented on whack-a-mole
    This looks interesting. Just ran it on some of my code and it seems to find the complicated subs....
  • Commented on I was called "fucking asshole"
    I've been 'yelled at' over IRC and RT by some members of well known projects, for issues ranging from asking questions about implementing caching for a particular ORM, to offering to resolve issues with a module that I maintain, but...
  • Commented on Technical Debt Calculator
    That sounds like technical debt is quite a deal in some situations....
  • Posted String::Strip 1.02 enroute to a CPAN mirror near you to Phred

    Steffen from responded to my email yesterday and made me a co-maintainer of String::Strip. I've applied the 64 bit bug fix to it, and pushed 1.02 to CPAN. Thanks for everyone who responded to my thread yesterday about requesting co-maintainer. This is how open source is…

  • Commented on Request sent for String::Strip comaintainership
    I pushed 1.02 to my github repository, and added a link to the ticket. This fixes the issues on 64 bit platforms. I'll push to CPAN if I am granted COMAINT....
  • Commented on Request sent for String::Strip comaintainership
    Time for Any::String::Trim? Probably only take me 30 minutes to put up there, but the problem is getting that 30 minutes....
  • Commented on Request sent for String::Strip comaintainership
    Thanks for the suggestions. I just emailed the author, and the address on his CPAN page bounced back. He hasn't been active on CPAN for about 12 years, and the other tickets have gone unresponded. So I am hopeful that...
  • Posted Request sent for String::Strip comaintainership to Phred

    String::Strip has a problem on 64 bit environments, and a release has not been made in over 10 years. I have sent an email to asking for COMAINT as the author has apparently not been responding to RT tickets.


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  • Rick Bychowski commented on A new or die trying

    Oh, and check out the ConfigAssistant addon for Melody/MT4 developed by the OpenMelody group. A very fine piece of work. Too bad SAKK chose not to adapt it for MT5/6, I might have stayed on...

  • Leon Timmermans commented on A new or die trying

    Yeah, I'm not fond of it either. I can't help thinking "wouldn't a simpler solution be better here?"

  • educated_foo commented on A new or die trying

    Heck, an FTP server with logins would be a better blogging platform. Or a free Wordpress account -- is still free.

  • vsespb commented on A new or die trying

    please, no *, it's banned in Russia.

  • Ether commented on CPAN RT overrun by spam

    This is nothing new. There are several spam tickets in the queue every day -- you just usually don't see them because little elves clear them out. I'm back from my business trip now so things should appear to return to normal :D

    Remember, you can always mark a ticket as spam by clicking the S in the upper right corner - two spam votes (from any RT users) will delete the ticket.

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