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  • Posted RPerl in Paris - Part I to Bennie

    The RPerl team is back! On November 21st, Will "the Chill" Braswell gave a presentation to the Paris Perl Mongers, at the Fondation pour le Progrès de l'Homme, or FPH. For those of you who've been to Paris, it is located in the Bastille area, not far from the opera house. The Foundation exists…

  • Posted RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 3 to Bennie

    Final day... and the RPerl live demo works! We can show how fast the compiler runs, and some people even asked if it’s for real. It is! Will and Mahrez did a great job, but they didn’t stop there; RPM installation packages are now available for programmers to try RPerl on their own code. …

  • Commented on RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 1
    Hi Laurent! Thank you very much for your comment, and for supporting RPerl! See you soon at the Philos'off :)...
  • Posted RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 2 to Bennie

    On the second day of my newbie adventures in Glasgow, I had the pleasure to talk to Larry Wall, who stopped by our table and told me about the time he was a booth babe himself. That conference is really full of surprises.

    We used this day to deliver new fliers, give more information about …

  • Commented on RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 1
    Hi there! Thank you for your comment! I hope we'll meet again soon as booth neighbours on a Perl event somewhere around the world....
  • Posted RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 1 to Bennie

    This is a first. First Perl Conference for me, and first time the RPerl compiler is represented at YAPC, also known as The Perl Conference. We had a table, fliers, chocolates, and a computer! Go team RPerl!!!

    You may ask : what the heck is RPerl? Very good question, but please watch your t…

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  • laurent_r commented on RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 1

    Hi Bennie,

    I am very happy that you found the Perl community to be friendly. And I fully share your appreciation on Wendy, an incredibly lovely person, indeed. And I am also happy that she pushed you on stage during the lightning talks, I think that RPerl deserves more visibility.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you soon at the next Paris Perl Monger social event. And I'm also looking forward to meeting Will Braswell when he comes to Paris next month.

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