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  • Posted A discussion of DBIx-Class governance and future development to Cat Eats Mouse

    Due to a dispute on the exact nature of the future of DBIx-Class development after Peter Rabbitson's pending departure, a conversaton has been opened on the DBIx-Class mailing list to feel out what the users of DBIx-Class think.

    If you have an interest in the module and its future, please …

  • Commented on Retraction of Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US
    Please don't delete it, but have the last release of it be a "tombstone release", like this one, which explains why the code is gone:
  • Posted Please test MITHALDU/OpenGL-0.6704_05.tar.gz to Cat Eats Mouse

    Reaching out to the Perl community at large due to this release being hardware-sensitive and feedback being most useful to me when it comes from many various hardware combinations, particularly if the graphics cards involved are older or stranger.

    Please test this CPAN developers release o…

  • Commented on Newbie Poison
    Also, just a small personal note: You pick on this question: "Is there a reason why you think one CPU is better than another?" And frankly, i think you read it in a meaner tone than the author intended. I've...
  • Commented on Newbie Poison
    The list moderator ( genehack, probably known to quite a few ) answered to you here:
  • Commented on Octothorpes Matter!
    Perl developers tend to use IRC and Perlmonks more than Twitter....
  • Commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2
    The sad, and very embarassing part for CCC is that it’s not even like he slipped in unnoticed or something like that. They introduce the perl jam 2 talk by describing the deserved criticism he got as “bashing”, i.e. undeserved....
  • Commented on (should be a) Reply to [GPW 2015] German train drivers' union calls 5-day strike starting Tuesday
    Another small note: DB has posted replacement schedules under:
  • Commented on (should be a) Reply to [GPW 2015] German train drivers' union calls 5-day strike starting Tuesday
    Thanks for the update, i added a link to my post....
  • Posted [BREAKING] [GPW 2015] German train drivers' union calls 5-day strike starting Tuesday to Cat Eats Mouse

    This is just a quick PSA to bring it to anyone's attention who needs to know and doesn't already yet: The association of german train drivers has announced a general strike of person transportation from tuesday to sunday (5.5. - 10.5.). No further details have been announced by Die Bahn yet, but…

  • Commented on is broken
    For what it's worth, this brokenness is not universal. For me the login via MovableType works perfectly fine....
  • Commented on Job::Machine update
    One small thing to note: Please add an abstract (the first sentence of the description is fine for that) so it says at the top of the cpan page what it is. :)...
  • Commented on Always make_immutable (unless you have a very good reason not to)
    Note that for Moo it is not required and a nop (though you can just leave the call in when porting from Moose). :)...
  • Commented on ZipRecruiter Wants You
    That's more detail than before, and useful to me. Thanks. :)...
  • Commented on Michael McClennen gave this talk at MadMongers last week.
    Cheers. :) The video still says it's private though, and i'd say it's worth reposting this once you're sure it's working for all. ;)...
  • Commented on ZipRecruiter Wants You
    they do allow remote work Completely or is occasional physical presence a requirement?...
  • Commented on Michael McClennen gave this talk at MadMongers last week.
    Go to and enable uploading of longer videos. Or throw it on dropbox/any server you like, and send me a link so i can upload it....
  • Commented on PPI 1.219_001 - please test - breaking ->prototype changes and parse improvements
    That very topic has been in discussion here: And as for the talk question, generally: - github issues (Adam is very good about answering here) - whereever i hang out on irc (#web-simple is a good place to find...
  • Posted PPI 1.219_001 - please test - breaking ->prototype changes and parse improvements to Cat Eats Mouse

    I took some time today to prepare a number of pull requests by MOREGAN for release, and the tarball for 1.219_001 is now on CPAN. Please test it and let me know if you run into problems with your module. Most of the changes simply improve parsing, but the ->prototype changes might break things if…

  • Commented on Ideas for | an Indian connecting platform
    There have been attempts to get indians to start using the core IRC community platform, IRC, in the channel but for some reason none of them ever stick around. The only remotely persistent indian presences within Perl i am...
  • Commented on Legal Issues in Game Software Creation
    It's also worth pointing out that most of the pitfalls you mention apply in the USA, because american courts generally don't make the loser carry all legal costs; while in many other countries legal costs only come into play if...
  • Posted PPI 1.218 has been released - bug fixes, speed optimizations, tests, doc improvements to Cat Eats Mouse

    On request of Neil Bowers i pushed this release back a day, so now on CPAN Day in 2014 the first update of PPI in 3.5 years has been released to CPAN and will be available on a mirror near you soon.

    Since the release candidate only minor changes affecting the release process itself have be…

  • Posted Please Test: PPI 1.217_01 - bug fixes, speed optimizations, tests, doc improvements to Cat Eats Mouse

    You can get the latest dev release from your closest CPAN mirror, or manually from MetaCPAN:

    After Adam Kennedy made his last release of PPI in February 2011 with 1.2…

  • Commented on A Simple dist.ini for Dist::Zilla
    Consider yourself frowned at for encouraging people to put code in their dist.ini files that isn't crossplatform. :( Please at least update this article to replace the apostrophes in the AfterBuild stuff with quotes....
  • Commented on Let's top
    Not to disparage kentnl's other efforts, i do have to point out that around 60%-80% of his commits are the result of an automated script which updates this repository: While i'll happily follow kentnl to play along with this...
  • Commented on Between Learning and Doing
    Not sure if this'll help you, but this year i actually started work on a multiplayer game in Perl, and you can see the code here: Otoh, criticism would be useful too. :)...
  • Commented on Google misleads users
    Two things: 1. Google doesn't care what the latest is. It cares about what is being linked to. 2. SCO knows that 0.13 is the latest: [ ] Why it doesn't show that on the module page is the...
  • Commented on Sick of being mocked by unit tests
    When mocking i tend to stick to mocking things purely outside my code. One of the least-mentioned tools, that is incredibly useful for that is Test::MockTime....
  • Commented on New developer tool:
    I love this idea and thank you for making it. Now i can actually bury my abandoned experiment to make RSS feeds like this. :) One feature request i have is that i'd like to be able to look at...
  • Posted Segfault Fixing for Dummies to Cat Eats Mouse

    Today i tried to rebase my dev branch of on the latest changes and found that a segfault in OpenGL::Array was assumed to be fixed, despite still being alive and well. With nothing (haha) better to do i decided to poke at it and see if i could fix it. I foregrounded #xs on…

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  • Neil Bowers commented on Retraction of Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US

    Given the service only recently disappeared, I'd suggest the following:

  • Do a release which is marked as deprecated, both in the doc, the code, and the metadata.
  • Have the code croak with an explanatory error message.
  • In the doc say something like "this will be removed from CPAN in 2018". It will always be available from your BackPAN directory, and github.
  • Put something in your calendar / todo list for January 2018 :-)
  • Tom Wyant commented on Retraction of Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US

    Thank you all for the feedback, and especially to Neil Bowers for the cookbook. At the moment the only notation about what is going on is in the Changes file, and that is pretty terse. I will make at least one release with "DO NOT USE THIS" all over it.

    This is not the first time I have wondered if there is a central repository for hopefully-seldom-used procedures. All I have for the Lancaster Consensus is this link, and I suspect it would be difficult to find if I had not stumble…

  • Tom Wyant commented on Retraction of Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US

    Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US 0.006_01 just went to PAUSE. There are no functional changes, I just wanted people to see my attempt to mark this module as deprecated and under threat of retraction.

  • Duncan White commented on Newbie Poison

    Like others, I think you were a bit harsh picking out the "what CPU" question, that response seems clear simple and polite to me.

    But I do agree that the "bad practices" second answer was rather snotty and unhelpful - especially saying that the OP's code had several bad practices but not bothering to clearly explain: which specific bad practices he had in mind. Maybe the commentator had had a bad day?

    More generally, I completely agree that we should take the time to reply helpfully and politely on various Perl beginner forums.

  • quepadretanpadre commented on Using Padre for the first time

    i have version .94 that came with dwimperl
    for windows

    when i have multiple files open, and i close
    any one, padre closes altogether
    it's very annoying, and pretty much renders padre
    useless as far as i'm concerned.

    thank you for this website

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