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  • Commented on Introducing MooseX::Extended
    That didn't quite seem to answer what i asked. Specifically "param/field prevents poor software" is not a concrete gained feature that i can understand as is. I've also reached out to mst to see if he can maybe explain the...
  • Commented on Introducing MooseX::Extended
    The param/field split needs an actual justification documented yet. While there is value in documenting to a user of the class which ones are intended to be provided in the constructor in normal usage, there is often massive value to...
  • Commented on The Witch and the Witch-hunt
    Thank you so much. As one of the people accused, and also one who has told the CAT "some corrective action was warranted, but the process was completely broken and based on claims that are incompatible with reality", and one...
  • Commented on Open Letter to the Perl Foundation Board
    Thanks a lot Neil, your work is (as usual) astounding. Also, for everyone else reading along. Several people mentioned having trouble with BPO and thus opting to comment instead in the reddit submission:
  • Posted TPF made me wait 301 hours to learn my punishment to Cat Eats Mouse

    Edit2: After further talk with CAT, i will acknowledge that it was not the intent of the CAT to make me wait, and they in fact did not even realize this was the effect.

    I am the "second individual", i am intimately familiar with the events of both their investigations.

    Shortly befo…

  • Posted First Perl Steering Council elected to replace Pumpking position to Cat Eats Mouse

    The most important Perl Governance poll yet has concluded. The position of Pumpking is no more, and is instead now held by a shared 3 person Steering Council, as defined in perlgov.pod:

  • Commented on Let Mom Help You With Object-Oriented Programming
    Just curious, ever had a look at and ?...
  • Commented on PTS 2020 Cancelled
    Inevitable, but still good call. Hope y'all stay safe....
  • Commented on Paws XXXXI (Doubble Sawbuck plus 1)
    The python/perl meme would've been better if the line hadn't come from a character who's literally an irredeemable asshole....
  • Commented on Importer::Zim
    The synopsis should demonstrate the availability/non-availability in scopes and contrast it with what Exporter does normally....
  • Commented on Introduce Perl tutorial site which write by google engineer
    comment written by daxim, and i 100% agree with him: Please do not promote a Perl tutorial just because someone asks you. I have evaluated the quality of this tutorial and I think it is mediocre because there are too...
  • Commented on The Perl Conference 2017 (formerly known as YAPC::NA) is rapidly approaching, and we believe it will be great.
    Some of your links are broken. :) Also, i hope you'll make the official name "The Perl Conference 2017 (formerly known as YAPC::NA)". ;)...
  • Posted Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 - PPI 1.222 has been released - tests, parsing fixes to Cat Eats Mouse

    PPI is a Perl document parser that enables easy analysis and manipulation of Perl source code in a structured manner.

    It has been 2.75 years since the last PPI release, v1.218, so we're on a curve of shortening the gaps. ;)

    Thanks to the efforts of many contributors to PPI, the sup…

  • Commented on Else Clauses on Loops
    Haha, alright Ron, thanks for the information, neat to know. Really breaks my comparison. :) Grinnz: Could you maybe post a direct link to a guide on how to write something with the syntax plugins?...
  • Commented on Else Clauses on Loops
    Fwiw, there is no need to ever use foreach other than to give newbies very wrong impressions about it doing anything different. It is exactly as useless as the human appendix, because it does nothing that for doesn't already do,...
  • Commented on Our Adventures in Logging
    And a personal note: Logging to STDERR by default would be extremely astonishing to me. It is bad enough that people do this accidentally, and make it impossible to usefully tease apart when capturing program output what indicates error and...
  • Commented on Our Adventures in Logging
    FYI, xdg has posted a response here: (He can't use the comments here.)...
  • Commented on Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released
    Note: BPO doesn't notify commenters of responses to them. As for the changes: If i read it in detail i might understand why it does, but what's still lacking is a simple sentence that does not answer the "what" or...
  • Commented on Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released
    I'd recommend extending the synopsis into something that actually does something sensible. This primarily since i just spent 2 minutes skipping back and forth in the docs, and i still don't know why i would want to use this, or...
  • Commented on Modern OpenGL with Perl
    Ooooh, it's interactive! Can you have it draw the received mouse position to see what the input latency is like?...
  • Posted A discussion of DBIx-Class governance and future development to Cat Eats Mouse

    Due to a dispute on the exact nature of the future of DBIx-Class development after Peter Rabbitson's pending departure, a conversaton has been opened on the DBIx-Class mailing list to feel out what the users of DBIx-Class think.

    If you have an interest in the module and its future, please …

  • Commented on Retraction of Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US
    Please don't delete it, but have the last release of it be a "tombstone release", like this one, which explains why the code is gone:
  • Posted Please test MITHALDU/OpenGL-0.6704_05.tar.gz to Cat Eats Mouse

    Reaching out to the Perl community at large due to this release being hardware-sensitive and feedback being most useful to me when it comes from many various hardware combinations, particularly if the graphics cards involved are older or stranger.

    Please test this CPAN developers release o…

  • Commented on Newbie Poison
    Also, just a small personal note: You pick on this question: "Is there a reason why you think one CPU is better than another?" And frankly, i think you read it in a meaner tone than the author intended. I've...
  • Commented on Newbie Poison
    The list moderator ( genehack, probably known to quite a few ) answered to you here:
  • Commented on Octothorpes Matter!
    Perl developers tend to use IRC and Perlmonks more than Twitter....
  • Commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2
    The sad, and very embarassing part for CCC is that it’s not even like he slipped in unnoticed or something like that. They introduce the perl jam 2 talk by describing the deserved criticism he got as “bashing”, i.e. undeserved....
  • Commented on (should be a) Reply to [GPW 2015] German train drivers' union calls 5-day strike starting Tuesday
    Another small note: DB has posted replacement schedules under:
  • Commented on (should be a) Reply to [GPW 2015] German train drivers' union calls 5-day strike starting Tuesday
    Thanks for the update, i added a link to my post....
  • Posted [BREAKING] [GPW 2015] German train drivers' union calls 5-day strike starting Tuesday to Cat Eats Mouse

    This is just a quick PSA to bring it to anyone's attention who needs to know and doesn't already yet: The association of german train drivers has announced a general strike of person transportation from tuesday to sunday (5.5. - 10.5.). No further details have been announced by Die Bahn yet, but…

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  • BooK commented on Open Letter to the Perl Foundation Board

    Both events you used as examples seem to have a code of conduct:

  • markov commented on Open Letter to the Perl Foundation Board

    Certainly BooK. There is nothing wrong with explicitly state that you want everyone to be pleasant. As organizers of a big event, you are also required (by law) to solve problems which emerge: being explicit on such procedure is also a good thing. That's where FOSDEM and CCC end.

    But forbidding people to say unpleasant things beforehand is not allowed in the EU. Kicking people out solely because a few non-elected others do not like your expression is not acceptable. But it has been done a few times now. Giving your own interpretation on very sensitive terms as harassment is rea…

  • Dean commented on Open Letter to the Perl Foundation Board

    TPF's domain of control is limited to its official services & assets. This needs to be clarified.

    TPF should offer a boilerplate set of community guidelines which perl affiliated projects may elect to adopt.

    Beyond that, perhaps a mediation service should be offered to assist in resolving complaints. Projects may then wish to opt-in to the outcome of these resolutions.

    This is not the first time this has happened, it is however the first time the perl community didnt pile on to someone. That's something *everyone* should think about.


  • davebaker commented on The Witch and the Witch-hunt
    • A truth-seeking process that was haphazard at best, in ways that are obvious to anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge of what happened

    • An expeditionary power-grab despite explicit requests not to do so

    • A punishment that was clearly not proportional to the incidents described

    • A willingness to cherry pick people from one side of a conflict where both sides have behaved in ways they really shouldn't have.

    • An apparent willingness to punish people who associate with Subject

  • Ovid commented on Introducing MooseX::Extended

    Many Perl developers like everything loose and sloppy because it's "easy" and they write poor software as a result. MooseX::Extended does not encourage loose and sloppy by default. You, as a developer, have to make a conscious choice to open your object attributes to being set via the constructor rather than having this be the default.

    Further, MooseX::Extended retains the has function, completely unchanged (e.g., it still requires is => 'rw|ro|bare'), for those who prefer it.

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