• Commented on Ask not what CPAN can do for you
    *cough* could have told people to sponsor/donate to CPAN Testers or join the Enlightened Perl Organisation who support them and MetaCPAN etc... ;)...
  • Posted "the times they are a-changin'" to shadowcat_mdk

    Karen Pauley Steps Down as TPF President

    Come gather around people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    (The Times They Are A-Changin' lyrics © Bob Dylan Music Co.)

    As of the 7th November 2016 Karen Pau…

  • Posted TPF at OSCON London to shadowcat_mdk

    Update: OSCON have supplied us with a discount code for unlimited free Pavillon Plus passes to members of Perl related organisations and the broader community. Just use the code: FREEORG. Use this code when registering for the Pavillion Plus pass and it will zero out the balance.…

  • Posted The 2016 P5P Hackathon to shadowcat_mdk

    It is a pleasure to announce that this year the Perl5 Porters Hackathon (, held between the 11th to 14th November in Amsterdam, will be hosted by and officially supported by The Perl Foundation.


  • Posted FOSDEM 2016 to shadowcat_mdk
    What’s in a name? that which we call a rose (William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Act II Scene ii)

    I went to FOSDEM in Brussels this year as a representative of the Perl Foundation. As such I spent the …

  • Posted OSCON Call for Papers to shadowcat_mdk

    The OSCON Call for Papers closes this Tuesday, 24th November, at Midnight (US EST) and at this moment there are no papers submitted on Perl.

    OSCON has become increasing less language-specific over the years and …

  • Posted The Company Culture: Go Leader to shadowcat_mdk


    The Westfield Leader has been using Perl for more than a decade (since 1998), providing m…

  • Posted The Company Culture - the process to shadowcat_mdk

    This week I will be starting the company promotion that I mentioned in my last blog post (

  • Posted Perl and the Company Culture to shadowcat_mdk

    A couple of recent events, and a long running conversation, have set me to thinking about all the companies who contribute to the world of Perl. When I say contribute I mean any, or multiple of the following:

    1. Use Perl;
    2. Have Perl developers;
    3. Sponsor Perl events;…
  • Posted No Go GSoC to shadowcat_mdk

    I am sorry to report that the Perl Foundation will not be participating in this year's Google Summer of Code. A number of stumbling blocks were created the most important being the failure in accurately planning workload for which I take full responsibility.[1]

    I have spoken with Duke and …

  • Posted GSoC: I need your ideas to shadowcat_mdk

    However to do that we need a stack of ideas o…

  • Posted GSoC 2015 to shadowcat_mdk

    It's that time of year again when I will start the usual cajoling and pushing to find the Perl Communities presence for the Google Summer of Code. Yes, once again this is seemingly being done at the very last minute as busy volunteers are once again made busier and I fail to start the ball…

  • Posted Fosdem 2015: It's Christmas! to shadowcat_mdk

    Get Ready to Party!

    If you are reading this and you didn't hear that Larry bit the bullet, rolled the dice, flipped the coin, shattered the space time continuum...breathe... then you really are going to get a shock.

    Larry has announced tha…

  • Posted A Tale of Two YAPC's to shadowcat_mdk

    This year the Send-A-Newbie fund will send an attendee to two different YAPCs. We were asked in early 2014 if we could sponsor an attendee to go to YAPC Asia this year instead of YAPC::EU as it made more sense for the attendee. We agreed so we have split the available funds across the two…

  • Posted Let's top to shadowcat_mdk

    So, very recently the excellent Vastyn (Henry Van Styn) pointed out that we should be at the top of

    " I came across our very own Kent Fredric’s GitHub profile today and did a double-take when I read his contrib stats:


  • Posted Google Summer of Code 2014 (Update 2) to shadowcat_mdk

    The Accepted Students and Proposals

    It is my pleasure to report that all five proposals that we selected for the Google Summer of Code on behalf of the Perl Foundation have been accepted for inclusion in the program this year.

    The five proposals are:

    • Proposal:
  • Posted Google Summer of Code 2014 (Update 2) to shadowcat_mdk

    The Accepted Students and Proposals

    It is my pleasure to report that all five proposals that we selected for the Google Summer of Code on behalf of the Perl Foundation have been accepted for inclusion in the program this year.

    The five proposals are:

    • Proposal:
  • Posted CTRL O Sponsor the DBIx::Class Hackathon to shadowcat_mdk

    The organisers of the DBIx::Class hackathon would like to extend our thanks and warmest regards to CTRL O ( for their generous support of this year's…

  • Posted 'For the first time in forever'(1) Send-A-Newbie will be supporting YAPC::NA to shadowcat_mdk

    by Claire Jackson and Mark Keating

  • Posted Eligo Sponsors the DBIx::Class Hackathon to shadowcat_mdk

    Thanks for the Venue

    It is our great pleasure to announce that the DBIx::Class Hackathon, to be held in Swindon on the weekend of the 12th April, will have its venue sponsored by the wonderful people at Eligo.

  • Commented on The 2013 White Camels
    Yay. Congrats to all, richly deserved....
  • Posted YAPC NA : Call for Speakers to shadowcat_mdk

    The announcement for the call for speakers has just been posted to the YAPC::NA official blog and Twitter feed.

    This year the theme is “¡Viva Perl!”. Talks that embrace the theme will be favoured by the orgas. when deciding which submissions will be presented. remember that there are …

  • Posted Send-A-Newbie 2013 to shadowcat_mdk

    It is with great pleasure that I announce that Theo J. van Hoesel and Mihai Pop have been awarded places on this year's Send-A-Newbie Initiative, from the Enlightened Perl Organisation, and…

  • Posted Figures from Week One of London Perl Workshop to shadowcat_mdk

    It has been a week since the announcement of the London Perl Workshop hit the inboxes of all those on the announce list and was first populated across the internets. In the first of a series of weekly reports we look at what has happened in the past seven days in our Facts and Figures

  • Commented on Decadon: Registration
    Hi David, When you register for the event you will be taken to your profile page, it is there that there is a link to purchase/buy your ticket as a conference confirmation. I am sorry it isn't that intuitive we...
  • Posted Decadon: Registration to shadowcat_mdk

    This year the London Perl Workshop has taken the bold step of having tickets for the event. They are priced in four stages and are entirely voluntary as to which stage you purchase:

    Workshop Attendee (zero pounds)
    The London Perl Workshop is a free to attend event w…

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  • Dave Cross commented on The 2013 White Camels

    But Wendy, these awards are nothing to do with the amount of Perl you do. They are about the amount of good you do in the Perl community. And I can't think of more deserving winners than you and Liz.

  • Wendy commented on The 2013 White Camels

    **Blush** Thanks!

  • Dana Jacobsen commented on The 2013 White Camels

    As someone new to going to YAPC's, I want to also say a big congrats to Wendy, Liz, and the Brasilian Perl community. You deserve the recognition, and I hope you see you this summer!

  • kid51 commented on The 2013 White Camels

    I completely missed the call for nominations via MobRater, but the award winners are certainly well-qualified. Welcome to the club, Thiago, Wendy, Liz and Fred!

    Jim Keenan

  • Shlomi Fish commented on The 2013 White Camels

    Congratulations to the winners. I'm sure they are well-deserved awards.

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