Monthly Report - October

In the festive mood again ...

The festive season began already and I miss celebrating festivals with family and friends. But this is nothing new, I should get used to it now. Still sometimes it hurts really bad after all we are humans. In the past, we tried to be with family during festive season. The truth is it didn't feel the same. I don't know why. Could it be we are no longer carefree souls? But that can't be true. I have seen some of my friends on Facebook sharing celebration moments with family. It looks so beautiful and cute. The only difference I can think of is that they with family and I don't.

I would like to mention one friend from Nepal. We never met but I always watch his Facebook post having great time with his family. I think we became friends because of common love for Perl.

One thing I noticed, year ends (Oct/Nov/Dec) never been lucky for me. I have very bad memories from last year. I am watching myself more closely this time and try to avoid getting trapped. But the trouble is COVID-19 is not helping the cause either. If I look at the positive sides, The month of September brings Wedding Anniversary celebration. Followed by October brings in my wife's birthday then November brings my twins birthday. Finally
December my own birthday which I have never ever celebrated in my life so far.

As per the tradition in the last few months, I always talk about my current job. In this difficult time, the work I am doing during the day at work is keeping me sane. In fact, it gives me immense pleasure every time I accomplish something. They aren't groundbreaking though I still feel better. So thanks to all my work colleagues and Oleeo in general.

Time to talk about the main point of this blog ...

I have a cute story to share with you all. In the middle of nowhere, I received an email from a student (appears to be from India). I used to get such email more frequently in the past but not in the recent times as I hardly contribute to CPAN. I only do when it is needed the most.

The email made me revisit my code after really long time. It is all about mathematical calculations. It is always easy to fix the calculations if it isn't yours. All the mathematical formula I used in the code, is borrowed from someone else who publicly given permission. Having spent some time, I noticed a very subtle error in my adaptation. It felt like winning lottery as I wasn't sure where to get help from. I released quick path (v0.13).

I then informed the student and sent her a small Perl script to give it a try. Same day, I got another email saying:

This was embarrassing moment for me. However, I noticed she is not technically playing with Julian date. In fact she is processing Modified Julian date. My distribution, Date::Julian::Simple, currently do not have support for Modified Julian date. Just a quick Google got me the answer to the issues. I decided to add the new feature and make sure it returns the correct result. It took me 30 minutes to get the patch ready and released (v0.14).

I sent her another reply with updated sample Perl to try out the new feature to help with Modified Julian date.

Apparently it didn't work for her. She shared a link in the email she is using to compare the result. It turned out a big help. I looked at the calculation behind and it seems different from mine. So I decided to use the new calculation for Modified Julian date. with the new formula I am getting the expected result. So time to push another patch (v0.16).

I did and sent her the update. I haven't heard back from her, so I assume she is happy now. By the way, did you notice I jumped from v0.14 to v0.16?

Well in between, I received Pull Request for the same from one of my best buddy, Lance Wicks.

Lance was having fun with Hacktoberfest.

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786 commits recorded in the month of October 2021.

Overall 7453 commits recorded in the year 2021.

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Last month, I received Const::Fast::Exporter by Neil Bowers. I submitted one Pull Request.

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